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The Ultima Online experience updated with modern systems.

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A Brand New World

A new land for players to explore with a smaller, intimate landmass to create constant social interaction.

... for better and worse!

Balanced and Diverse Combat

Thousands of hours of testing to create a system that blends classic Ultima Online with nuanced improvements.

A balanced fusion of T2A and UO:R mechanics.

Unique, player-driven towns.

Five unique townships in the world provide avenues of city specialization, militia combat and much more to engage players.

Players can enter elections to become the town ministers and militia commanders.

Fight over territory and capture fortresses to improve the unique bonuses of your city.

Role playing community infrastructure.

Rel Por especially caters to role players with unique role playing based structures, character customization and shard features.

Towns and Elections
Players may campaign for positions as ministers and militia commanders of cities in Rel Por. Become a minister and choose from a list of bonuses to bestow onto your city, making each town unique. Elected militia commanders have access to their own set of bonuses and tools to help organize their armies.

New World and Small Map
Rel Por features a brand new landmass for players to inhabit and explore. The world size has been dramatically decreased and travel by roads accentuated to help facilitate constant player interaction. You never know what or whom you may run into next.

Balanced and Diverse Combat
A system painstakingly balanced over the span of years with the input from hundreds of players that melds the world of two beloved eras of Ultima Online allowing players a rich diversity of play-styles and templates.

Player Owned Housing
Ultima Online's unparalleled house and land ownership continues on Rel Por. Improving things further with new, additional houses to purchase and own.

Bounty Boards and Murderers
A unique system created by Rel Por, imitated by others, to establish a balance of genuine risk for player killers. The bounty boards and a player reputation system tracks the penalties and honor of all players.

Rares and Collecting
Planned from the very start, a systematic approach to distribution for every current and future item from wearables to decorations to one of a kind homes. With varying degrees of rarity, difficulty and methods to obtain. A rich and rewarding collecting economy in Rel Por.

Player Crafting
Ultima Online's crafting system provides a unique gameplay experience unlike none other. Players can obtain great wealth and notoriety simply by playing as a merchant. Rel Por accentuates this further with new craftable items and the artifact system to craft magical weapons rather than find them.
Rotating Dungeon System
There are over a dozen dungeons to conquer, but only a small number open at a time. Players may clear out and close down a dungeon by killing the creatures within and vanquishing the boss. The players responsible for dungeon closure get the benefit of choosing which dungeons shall open next.

An Introduction to Rel Por & Ultima Online

For those not familiar with the game, it is one of the grandfathers of the MMORPG genre. It launched in the late 90s, and continues to exist in commercial form today, albeit in a form unrecognizable to players of the original game.

UO is remembered most for it’s early years, which were characterized by total player freedom (some would say chaos). Murderers were rampant, thieves littered the streets, and looting victims for everything they had was a lucrative occupation.

It’s crafting, player vendor and free world housing systems continue to have virtually no equal.

It truly felt like a living, breathing alternate fantasy world.

Rel Por is a new take on “classic era” Ultima Online. The core elements of oldschool UO are intact: crafting, dungeons, guilds, player killers, thieves.

There’s a whole body of new material to fix the things about UO that are broken or don’t hold up today. Things like player controlled cities, added depth to crafting, a smaller custom map, dungeon rotation, new systems to facilitate and encourage player v. player combat and more.

You can check out more elaborate descriptions of those systems and features throughout this website.