We’re still hard at work trying to get everything ready for launch. Unfortunately our to-do list seems to grow every day with new ideas and tasks. Fortunately, it won’t delay us too much more than usual and just make Rel Por that much better.

Here’s a bit of what is in store and what we’re currently working on or have recently completed.

Alan’s tinkering with the functionality of UberScript itself to make it more potent. This’ll have many benefits for the immediate and long term quality of the shard. With it he’ll be redeveloping some of our current systems to bring them all under one umbrella with lots of tweaks and improvements at the same time. Vorshun Wars, Militias and Hero Capture, Militia Commanders, Dungeon Rotations and Bosses; all of ’em will see some love.

We’re also completely changing the way character creation is handled in Ultima. You’ll still select gender, skin hues, hair and so forth. It’ll just be Rel Por style. We’ll trickle out some more information on that soon.

Lots of new map developments have also taken placed; dungeons, points of interests, geography modifications, new role playing zones and so much more.

The Rel Por installer, updater and launcher all-in-one is virtually complete now. We’ll be releasing it soon for players to test and utilize to maintain current files as we work on Rel Por.

More? Alright…

Kin paints are getting a bit of a modification as well. Undead and orcish kin paints will change the player’s head to either the orcish face or a skull; helmets, hats and armor may still be worn over these face changes.

There’s a new choke point on the map out to the south of Galven with a large, covered bridge prior to the crossroads.

Players are going to start with more and higher starting skills and stats than normal.

There will be new houses! That’s not all; they’re going to be rares. A few different ways of obtaining these deeds. Some will be completely one-of-a-kind. Gold will still be required for placement.

That’s all for now. I’ll post some screenshots of some of the new stuff soon (and when I’m not at work).