Patch Notes: 05/15/2016

Map and Animation Files Update – PLEASE RUN REL POR UPDATER!

  • We have added several rideable mounts including rideable pack horses and grizzly bears & new monster types into the animation files
  • Added some arena space for future events and new dungeon space that will be opened in the future. (New monster types have been created for them too but you’ll have to wait until those dungeons open to see them ;). Here’s the new 1v1 tournament area:

Automated Event System Framework Complete

  • The rest of this week will involve plugging each of our current events (Ultimate Ultima, Capture the Flag, Team FFA, FFA, and Vorshun FFA, 1v1) into this framework. CTF is already plugged in and has been successfully run.
  • Events now have a PERMANENT record that can be accessed via the ‘Event Records Clerk’ at Galven.

    Double click him to see what he do. (And yes that’s a ridable grizzly bear)

  • SCORE will be event specific and will be included in the event instruction. It is calculated from a combination of pertinent scores related to a given event.
  • Event records will generally take on the following form:


I’ve also implemented a bracket system for the 1v1 tournaments. We’ll hold one next weekend.

  • Skill gain above 95 has been made slightly easier (still VERY challenging) and the over 95 dungeon bonus has been increased from 300% to 500%
  • Mana Regeneration rates have been given a 15% boost across the board.
  • Poisoned weapon discharge chance altered; fencing weapons have 20% chance to discharge poison passively, swordsmanship weapons having 10% chance to discharge poison passively.
  • Galven Guards NPCs now only attack criminals (i.e. they won’t attack murderers who have not committed a criminal act)

Mob Update & Good Times Ahead

Hey everybody, Mob here.

As you may have noticed I’ve been pretty quiet for the last week or so. If you haven’t heard my wife and I had a new baby; the baby is fortunately pretty easy going as far as babies go but these past couple weeks I’ve had a lot of visits from family (some from very far away whom I don’t get to see nearly as much as I’d like) and I’ve also had a lot of 12-hour days at work (being currently understaffed while trying to manage some major upgrades that are my group’s sole responsibility). In any case, as you can imagine, I have been stretched pretty thin and have not been able to put as much into Rel Por lately as I’d like, and Admerylous has been holding down the fort for the last couple weeks. This is frustrating for me in that Rel Por has unique tools for producing fantastic content and experiences that I really want to put to good use, and while it perhaps hasn’t happened quite as rapidly as everyone would prefer, I definitely appreciate your patience with us and your continued support of Rel Por!

In that regard, I am very happy to report that work and life is settling down significantly, and as such, I have an excellent opportunity now to finally finish some really exciting stuff that we’ve been planning. I wanted to let you know what we are working on and the timeline that I hope to stick to for the next couple weeks.

This Week

There will be a few very significant updates to dungeon rotation by the end of the week (you will be notified in-game when this is completed):

  1. Three new dungeons will become available: Lahar, Pirate Cove, and Oweno
  2. You will be unable to vote for a recently closed dungeon (to encourage more variety).
  3. Dungeons will close a bit more frequently than before.
  4. Boss monsters are going to be more interesting (and challenging) with their own special abilities.
  5. When a boss is killed, their skull will be distributed randomly to one of the participants (chance is scaled by how much damage each person did in the boss room). This skull is a collectible in and of itself BUT if a player obtains one skull from every dungeon then they have a very special opportunity:
    1. The player who has collected one of each will contact staff via Discord or in-game page and demonstrate that they have all the skulls.

    2. Their skulls will be converted (hue 2076) to the “used” version (see below).

    3. At a time agreed upon between the player and staff, the player will be granted control of a super boss monster and a global event will be initiated. Everyone will see this in the upper left corner of their screen:

      The E button will give you a tracking arrow if you are within a moderate distance of the boss monster or if you are too far away it will tell you what region the boss is in.

    4. All players will be invulnerable until they take a step or until the boss is defeated (to prevent being killed while AFK during the event)
    5. All players will have the option to resurrect with very basic equipment for 200 gold for the duration of the event.
    6. The boss monster:
      1. Is unable to go inside of houses.
      2. Cannot be healed but has a ton of hit points.
      3. Has the power to spawn a maximum number of minions with a slowly replenishing counter in addition to some other special abilities that they can use occasionally.
      4. The goal of the boss monster is to survive as long as possible and to kill as many people as possible.
    7. A permanent record of who summoned the boss, how long the boss survived, and who they killed will be placed on display in Galven.
    8. Players will be awarded platinum based upon how much damage they did to the boss monster during this event.


Next Week – The Main Events!

Every day and night next week (beginning on Sunday 4/17) we will be running some really amazing events. We are very close to having our event system fully stable and almost completely automated, and will be getting it fully implemented and putting it to the test this week. The current schedule will be as follows (all times are EDT – i.e. New York time).

WARNING: As a new policy, those who are found joining any event with another client that they are not personally controlling will lose the ability to participate in these events for some time – we do not want to see this sort of thing.

4/17 at 6:00pm: 1v1 tournament


4/18 at 9:30pm & 4/19 at 3:30pm: Team FFA  (2 Randomized Teams with our new team balance approach)


4/19 at 9:30pm & 4/20 at 3:30pm: Vorshun War (Citizenship-based) Team FFA


4/20 at 9:30pm & 4/21 at 3:30pm: Projectile-based Archery Team FFA (using the projectile mechanics you may have experienced with the easter egg throwing event)


4/21 at 9:30pm & 4/22 at 3:30pm: Capture the Flag (2 Randomized Teams)


4/22 at 9:30pm & 4/23 at 3:30pm: Our first iteration of the Ultima Online MOBA


4/24 at 3:30pm: Server-wide mystery event :)


After the next 2 weeks are over the most immediate goals will be (1) establish the best possible automated event system going forward (including Vorshun), (2) looking at creating new exciting militia objectives as well as (3) revamping our dungeon chests system to be much more fun and interesting.

Good times will be had by all :D


Development Update 2: The Dungeon Rotation Test

Hey everybody! As promised, our weekly developer update:

What our Beta Testers can do

Tonight (Sunday 1/24) at 9pm EST we’re going to be running a bit of a “dungeon crawl” to test out the new dungeon rotation system. If you are free, we’d love to see some of you there! For now the bosses will be vanilla champ spawn bosses, but we’d like to test out the fundamentals of the dungeon rotation system. This will be a somewhat guided experience, so please follow instructions at least loosely ;)
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Development Update 1: What’re we up to anyway?

Hi, I’m Alan — You might remember from such freeshards as Rel Por 1 (Mob of Monsters 2012-2013) and UOForever (Alan 2013-2014). Developing new, engaging, and memorable Ultima Online content happens to be a huge passion of mine, and I love to share what I’m working on with all of you!

The launch date is getting closer every minute! I’ve been a bit quiet up until this point, but no longer!

I hereby commit to give regular developer updates to keep you posted on the dynamic universe that is Rel Por.
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