Patch Notes: 03/20/2016

New map update went in!
Please use the Rel Por Launcher to update your map files.

New areas have been added to the following dungeons:
Castra, Pulma, Demergo, Lapisan, Lockmoor, Oweno.

All dungeons also now have a dungeon progress indicator area.
There are 4 torches, each torch indicates an additional 20% progress made towards the opening of the boss room.
Dungeon Progress

Paragons are in!
All monsters in dungeons have a chance to become a paragon.
Paragons are significantly stronger, tougher, faster versions of their prior self. Be careful!
Paragons will drop platinum, treasure maps and additional gold.
Paragons also have a chance at dropping special named chests.
Paragon Dragon

Our dungeons have continued to become more interesting.
Dungeons have been updated and corresponding bestiary pages made.
Our dungeons are designed to give lower skills and solo players appropriate hunting area in the early to mid ranges, with much more difficult monsters and situations suitable for advanced players and groups to the back and lower levels.
Please visit to see details on any the monsters within a dungeon.

New diversity to high-end tamed creatures!

Please visit to see detailed comparison on the base skills and stats for our new and old creatures, including the new armored and swamp wyrms.

Platinum and Donation Vendors

We’re opening up two new vendors today!
A platinum coin and a donation coin vendor.

First, don’t worry about taking your coins out of your bank if you don’t want to risk them; the vendors can withdraw from your balance! The vendors will be located in Galven.

We’re going to rotate some of the items from both vendors from time to time. Different hue sets will come and go, different wearables, items, decorations, etc. Some of them may return, some are retired permanently. We’ll try to keep it so your platinum doesn’t become some useless currency and that we’ve got something for you to work towards!

Platinum Vendor Items:
Clothing bless deeds, hair restyling deeds, summoned tan horse mount, 10 pieces of special dark brown cloth, dark brown sandals, special dark brown cloak, dark hanging floral tapestry, light hanging floral tapestry, and reward tickets!

Reward ticket is a chance from another rotating list of items:
Decorations: “fancy” blue and gold carpet pieces, potted cacti and the white stone animated water fountain.
Wearables: leather belt, tan orc mask, savage skirt (a no-armor leather skirt that wears on kilt layer), orcish face (orcish mask hued to match orc paint that helmets can be worn over) and undead face (bone helmet mask that helmets can be worn over).
Cloth Hue: “Deep Blue Green”
Character Modifications: Special Hair Dye, Special Beard Dye
Summoned Mounts: Summoned Horse, Summoned Llama, Summoned Forest Ostard, Summoned Polar Bear
Miscellaneous: Clothing Bless Deeds

And for our donation shop we’re going to the following items:
Character Modifications: Special Hair Dye, Special Beard Dye, Hair Restyling Deed, Name Change Deed
Mounts: Summoned White Horse, Summoned Brown Horse, Summoned Tan Horse, Summoned Desert Ostard
Wearable: Blessed Dyeable Cloak, Blessed Deep Blue Green Sandals
Miscellaneous: Reward Ticket, Clothing Bless Deeds

To everyone that has chipped in to support the shard so far we appreciate it immensely; we’ll be giving out donation coins to you and a special wearable cloak to note your early support. If you haven’t already, please let us know which character you want us to deliver these to!

We want to stay pretty transparent with you all and so the current plan is to save up enough where we can buy out the hosting with our current host to a year out. We’ve been very happy with them so far both in connection quality for almost all of our players as well as handling malicious attacks. Especially their handling of the latter part. Some of you may have noticed from time to time, including this early morning, that you may get hung up at verifying account. This was due to us receiving an attack and our host putting the server onto its mitigation system. So, most of that money is going to them.

We also want to shift some of it to giving Google and Facebook ads a try again as well as advertising at some of the Ultima Online listing sites. Here’s hoping that we can bring in some new faces to our world!

If you’d like to support the shard but not through financial means, there’s still a lot you can do to help out! The most important part to keeping Rel Por feeling alive is keeping our population healthy. So, share links with your friends, help out new players. Something very simple like searching “Ultima Online” and then finding and clicking the Rel Por link in the results (we’re not front page yet, but maybe someday!) helps too! All those little things improve our ability to be noticed and then, once people are poking around, being helpful and respectful go a long way to allow people to see the quality of our community. Twitch streams and Youtube videos are two other great ways to contribute, and its never been easier to get into that!

Thank you so much for your support and for being a part of Rel Por! We look forward to a many good times ahead!

Patch Notes: 03/10/2016

Patch Notes: 03/10/2016

Map update!
Dungeon changes to Demergo, Lahar, Lapisan, Pulma, Pirate Cove.
New dungeon added to west of Arbor but not currently active.
Run the Rel Por launcher to update your map files!

Dungeons and PvE:
– Dungeon specific slayer artifacts should be good to go — will be implemented within the next couple of days.
– Bonding disabled (current bonds will need to be manually reset).
– Skill gain enabled for pets (same rate as everybody else).
– Provocation now has 30 second timeout and 18 tile distance limitation.
– New monster tables for Crankfrost, Lahar, Demergo and Khalmer.
– – Will be posting dungeon and bestiary information for each dungeon within the next couple of days as well as updating all other dungeons.

– Made it so you can revoke your citizenship immediately after 48 hours have passed from the time you joined a township.
– Citizens become orange in militia strongholds.

– Black staffs are now craftable by carpenters.
– Changes to decrease some of the “dead trees”.

– Added the ability for us to tweak mana regeneration rates (for use testing in Vorshun, event and duel scenarios).
– Added Citizen door under siege warning message.
– Militia traps enabled everywhere, will be adding regions where they will be disallowed (eg. close proximity to teleporters).
– Bunch of Vorshun fixes.
– Citizens become orange in militia strongholds.
– Fixed mini heal timer bug.

– Instant log-off in taverns/inns previously didn’t work if you had been in combat within the last 2 minutes. It now works so long as anything you were in combat with isn’t within 40 tiles and you are not criminal.
– Fixed Leather Dye Tubs to Display Charges and Increased to 12.
– Fixed poison healthbar glitch associated with pseudoseering.

Dungeon Updates

So I’ve got a few days off from work in a row here so I’m going to bite into a big undertaking.
The plan is to manipulate the majority of dungeons and spawners so that there are clear “easy” areas in the front and much more difficult regions in the back.

There are now 8 general tiers of both melee and magic monsters for the most basic type, but then a handful of unique monsters currently (eg. poison elementals, tameables) and in the future (monsters with uberscript abilities).

Within this, monsters will scale slightly differently. For example, a goblin in the tier 2 melee will have less hit points than the young gargoyle grunt in the same category because of their unique increased speed.

We’re also adding new wings and areas to the dungeons as we progress, so expect a handful of map updates over the next week.

I’ll probably be taking down the server nearly every day, hopefully around 5-7PM EST to put in these monster changes. I’ll note when they’ve been changed for feedback.

It’s a bit of a tedious process so if you notice anything out of sorts, let me know. There’s a lot to alter and it is easy to miss something.

Steps to be done, and steps to keep an eye out if they’re wonky:
– Alter monsters to new stats and skills (classic monsters will stay pretty unchanged; custom monsters may alter quite a bit in difficulty with updates).
– Alter creature in A.I. tables.
– Update creature’s gold and rare loot tables.
– Adjust spawners for better difficulty progression in each dungeon.

We’ll be adding Dungeon Lahar, Mount Oweno, Dungeon Malum, the Pirate Cove and a never before seen dungeon in the coming week or two. The new dungeon will open to the west of Arbor and has an open underground earth/swamp type of theme; Owenuo has poured a ridiculous amount of hours working on the map and this is a new big contribution.

I’m on a roll for information, so here’s some more details of stuff coming in the next week or two if things go smoothly:
Alan has set up a system elite monster spawns for all of our creatures (not just those bad boys in Khalmer now). These monsters will have a chance to drop a special chest. We plan on using these chests to distribute various items including some platinum, extra gold, treasure maps, special hued cloth and whatever else strikes our fancy.

Keep an eye on the patch notes on [relpor or here for when these changes make it onto the live server.