Hi, I’m Alan — You might remember from such freeshards as Rel Por 1 (Mob of Monsters 2012-2013) and UOForever (Alan 2013-2014). Developing new, engaging, and memorable Ultima Online content happens to be a huge passion of mine, and I love to share what I’m working on with all of you!

The launch date is getting closer every minute! I’ve been a bit quiet up until this point, but no longer!

I hereby commit to give regular developer updates to keep you posted on the dynamic universe that is Rel Por.

My goal is to do this weekly leading up to launch and then regularly (at least semi-weekly) thereafter. I hope you enjoy being a part of Rel Por’s evolution into one of the most innovative and engaging freeshards in Ultima Online history!

So what are we up to now?

It may seem like things have been quiet lately, but we have actually been very busy indeed!

  1. I have successfully added a great new feature to my custom Freeshard scripting language known as UberScript that will make it much easier to create dynamic and modular content (specifically I made it possible to #include, if that means anything to you ;). This was a bit of an endeavor but I believe the long-term payoff will be huge. (If you want to see what UberScript can do, it took me approximately 10 hours to put together this epic Zombie Event with UberScript when I worked on UOForever). You can definitely expect such high caliber events in the future!
  2. Alex (Admerylous) and I have located what we think (& hope) will be a great host for the server, and we have also been working out the best approach for hosting our custom client files. We believe we have landed on a good solution.
  3. I’ve been working on customizing Adam’s (UOForever developer whom I used to work with) excellent open-source Launcher to work with Rel Por. This will make much easier to ensure you have all the right files AND we will be able to deliver Ultima Online client map updates for special events or even add new artwork / houses, etc. Good times will be had by all! :)
  4. Minor tweaks & updates (I’ll give you a better run-down for such updates from now on, I promise! :)

Preparing for a smooth launch (including making it easy for everybody to get the client set up correctly) is a huge priority for us. Please stay tuned while we update the beta forum with things that you can do to help!

What’s coming up this week?

  1. I plan to finish tweaking the Launcher and then to build an installer for it so it’s easy to get going (we’ll need your help giving the launcher a test toast!)
  2. I plan to refactor the dungeon rotation system (with my newfangled UberScript #includes ;) and put it in such that we can give it a proper test-toast next weekend.
  3. I plan to finish building a test client that will enable us to stress test our server and use it to ensure that the server can handle the client load we expect (is 5000 enough? I kid, I kid… but hey, it could happen… *rolls 1990’s McWorld commercial*)
  4. With any leftover time this week (and spilling over into next) I will be refactoring our Faction Hero Capture and Vorshun World Wars mechanics into UberScript; this will give us way more flexibility to tweak the systems as well as to add new interesting content to them!

A huge thank you to all our beta testers who have helped and continue to help us identify many spots where we can make the world a better place… both in-game and out-of-game (at least by providing the in-game experience that we are) ;)

Stay tuned!