Hey everybody! As promised, our weekly developer update:

What our Beta Testers can do

Tonight (Sunday 1/24) at 9pm EST we’re going to be running a bit of a “dungeon crawl” to test out the new dungeon rotation system. If you are free, we’d love to see some of you there! For now the bosses will be vanilla champ spawn bosses, but we’d like to test out the fundamentals of the dungeon rotation system. This will be a somewhat guided experience, so please follow instructions at least loosely ;)


Edgewich Boss Room

This is how dungeon rotation works:

  1. We kill enough mobs in a given dungeon and a message is sent out to everybody in the dungeon that the boss room has been opened. This takes the form of a red gate.
  2. The red gate has a warning on it indicating that this is a one-way trip — there is no leaving, recalling, or gating out of the boss room (you are there until you die or defeat the boss).
  3. If you die in the boss room, you will have the option to be transported back to the Galven (or Roache) healer or to stick around as a ghost (if you think your buddies will be able to revive you in the heat of battle.
  4. Upon defeating the progressive boss spawn, the dungeon is closed and everybody is transported out of the dungeon (randomly at spots in front of the dungeon) and hidden
  5. A voting menu is presented to everybody who did damage to mobs in the boss room. Votes are weighted by your “score” (so if you did more damage to the mobs in the boss room than your peers, your vote counts more).
  6. After a couple minutes, a new dungeon is opened per the vote.

What’s been accomplished this week:

  1. The Rel Por launcher / updater has been completed; there’s only a feature or two left that we’d like to add / tweak: We’d like to add a button that allows you to import custom UOSteam / Razor profiles (for the new folk who could use some default set-ups as well as to push special profiles for custom events that involve special commands).  Please try it out here if you haven’t already, and give us your feedback! (Note that google chrome always gives a warning for .exe files that haven’t been downloaded a lot yet, and it appears that Avast “tab” protection (their web protection) appears to force you to heed that warning and won’t allow you to download it).  Since the launcher is released under the Gnu GPL, it is open source and the source code can be found here.
  2. I have completed the fundamentals of the Dungeon Rotation system all built in the new-and-improved version of UberScript :D.
  3. We have been working on upgrading the hero capture system into a progressive fort control system (it kind of reminds me of PlanetSide 2 in a way); details are forthcoming, but I believe this will be a fantastic addition to the militia mechanics.
  4. The stress-test client I mentioned last week got some love, but I haven’t had quite enough time to properly devote to it.

What the plan is for this week:

  1. The goal for this week will be to complete the new militia mechanics as well as updating Vorshun (this is a very lofty goal but I believe it’s possible with UberScript to achieve it in such a time period :). We’d like to give these systems a proper test toast next weekend if we possibly can!
  2. If there is time left over, I’ll be working on the stress-test client as well as the bug-list (don’t worry, those issues haven’t been forgotten — we want to focus on the new big systems a bit more than the minor issues at this time while we’re still in beta!