A whole bunch to cover in this one. We’re in overdrive now trying to get everything squared away for launch. There’s a lot on the table and frankly we can’t stop coming up with interesting stuff to add to it.

First, we’re changing the way characters are created for Rel Por. Tomorrow, if you’re interested, you can watch Alan code it with his custom built for development UberScript system. He’ll be streaming it on Twitch at 9:00PM.
Instead of the typical character creation system, you’ll get plopped into the world and in real time interact with the environment on a small island to customize your avatar before being plopped into world of Atria and the city of Galven.

There’s bigger news than that.

We’re creating a new dynamic militia combat system that will help create hotspots and dynamic PvP events. The hero capture system will still exist, and is actually being rewritten from scratch to give us some more functionality and squash some bugs that have plagued it. But it will alternate with this new system — a system of territory control.

There will be 5 forts and 3 citadels in the world. Each city will have a fort located a short distance outside of their city. Controlling a fort allows that city to launch attacks on 2 of the 3 citadels; controlling a citadel allows attacks on all citadels and connected fortresses. Where the hero capture system is sort of a perpetual game of capture the flag, this is an ongoing battle of King of the Hill with multiple hills.

Here’s the gump in the works currently. This is taken from Lillano’s perspective when calling the map control view. Because they control their fort outside of their city, they have access to launch attacks on the two citadels indicated with the “green light” icons. The caution symbols below bases indicate recent militia activity.

The structures on the map to correspond with the base capture mechanic are already in the world.

Fort outside of Vermell.

citadel-southCitadel defense and attack entrance as rendered on Centred.

We’ll go into more details about how this base capture system works in the future and when it is ready to roll out. On launch we suspect we’ll be utilizing the hero system.

Another shift is the way we handle the minister and commanding lord system. There are two sets of concurrent elections now, for both a minister and a militia commander. Ministers will be voted upon by all citizens, militia commanders may only be voted on by militia members. Both roles will have unique functionality in customizing their elected cities. This is part of a big re-coding overhaul that has been underway for quite some time.

We’re getting very excited for launch on the 13th (and frankly, I’m getting a little anxious). Hope to see you all there.