So I’ve got a few days off from work in a row here so I’m going to bite into a big undertaking.
The plan is to manipulate the majority of dungeons and spawners so that there are clear “easy” areas in the front and much more difficult regions in the back.

There are now 8 general tiers of both melee and magic monsters for the most basic type, but then a handful of unique monsters currently (eg. poison elementals, tameables) and in the future (monsters with uberscript abilities).

Within this, monsters will scale slightly differently. For example, a goblin in the tier 2 melee will have less hit points than the young gargoyle grunt in the same category because of their unique increased speed.

We’re also adding new wings and areas to the dungeons as we progress, so expect a handful of map updates over the next week.

I’ll probably be taking down the server nearly every day, hopefully around 5-7PM EST to put in these monster changes. I’ll note when they’ve been changed for feedback.

It’s a bit of a tedious process so if you notice anything out of sorts, let me know. There’s a lot to alter and it is easy to miss something.

Steps to be done, and steps to keep an eye out if they’re wonky:
– Alter monsters to new stats and skills (classic monsters will stay pretty unchanged; custom monsters may alter quite a bit in difficulty with updates).
– Alter creature in A.I. tables.
– Update creature’s gold and rare loot tables.
– Adjust spawners for better difficulty progression in each dungeon.

We’ll be adding Dungeon Lahar, Mount Oweno, Dungeon Malum, the Pirate Cove and a never before seen dungeon in the coming week or two. The new dungeon will open to the west of Arbor and has an open underground earth/swamp type of theme; Owenuo has poured a ridiculous amount of hours working on the map and this is a new big contribution.

I’m on a roll for information, so here’s some more details of stuff coming in the next week or two if things go smoothly:
Alan has set up a system elite monster spawns for all of our creatures (not just those bad boys in Khalmer now). These monsters will have a chance to drop a special chest. We plan on using these chests to distribute various items including some platinum, extra gold, treasure maps, special hued cloth and whatever else strikes our fancy.

Keep an eye on the patch notes on [relpor or here for when these changes make it onto the live server.