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Server Rules

How toxic can I be and get away with it?
– First and foremost, as the developers and administrators of Rel Por, we’d like to be clear about one very important rule:
Don’t be a jerk.

There’s a distinct line between healthy ego, competitive spirit and banter versus outright destructive behavior.

If we feel you are net detriment to our community we will not hesitate to delegate punishments ranging from temporary bans, account deletions or permanent bans.

This applies to our forums and in the game world and they are connected.

– Racial, homophobic, sexual slurs or other such overt harassment will not be tolerated. Don’t do it. Don’t test it. We don’t want to have to police anything; please allow us to keep it this way.

– If someone is attempting to harass you, please first look to utilize the ignore feature in Ultima Online. If it is crossing the line, contact the staff.
For information on the ignore feature visit the “Game Commands” page.

How many accounts are allowed per player?
– You may have two accounts per person.
– If you share an IP with another Rel Por player you may submit proof at:

How many characters are allowed per account?
– All accounts start with 2 character slots each. You may upgrade your accounts to 3 characters each by purchasing extra slots with platinum currency; platinum is obtained through defeating paragons, dungeon bosses, tournaments and events.

How do I register an account?
– Auto-account creation is enabled on Rel Por; all you need to do is login and enter a new user name and password in the Ultima Online login screen. DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSWORD! If you run into problems, please post on the forums and we can help you out!

Am I allowed to gather resources unattended?
– No unattended resource gathering is allowed. Systems are in place to prevent players from doing so. Players caught doing so will be jailed, suspended, have their resources deleted or banned from the shard. If you are unable to respond to our gathering CAPTCHA, turn your macro off!

Can I leave a character in a location “scout” dungeons or other locations?
– No, this is against our rules. We have systems to counter this sort of behavior but in addition have an official policy to jail, then suspend accounts utilizing characters to scout the entrances to dungeons and other locations.

Is EasyUO or scripting allowed?
– No, EasyUO (EUO) and advanced scripting is strictly banned.

Will my player’s name be unique?
– Character names are unique.

May I buy gold for real life cash?
– No, absolutely not. Goods advertised for sale for cash will be removed.

May I sell my accounts?
– Again, no.

Can I macro?
– Macroing is legal.

Game World

How large is the world?
– Overall, it is smaller than the original landmass. The smaller scaled map is designed to increase player interaction and socialization that is so important to Ultima Online. Over time as the player population grows additional landmasses will reveal themselves.
– It takes approximately 2 minutes to run from the central city of Galven to any of the peripheral cities on foot; under 1 minute on mount.

How many towns are there?
– The world has one large, neutral city in the middle of the mainland. Around this city in all different directions are five PvP towns that are at war. All five of these cities have their own geographic and environmental themes. Additionally a few smaller, neutral townships exist including one with special rules accommodating to a sense of lawlessness, criminals and murderers.

Will there be enough room for housing?
– There is plenty of room for housing; additionally, we have the ability to reveal landmasses to the world to support our player population rising and shard aging.

How will players get to these new landmasses?
– Ships will be disabled for typical player use to prevent them from access these novel landmasses via unintended means. These landmasses will be opened in the future via a number of ways: teleporters, ship crossings, ship caravans and mountain pass entrances.

So, there are no boats or ships?
– None that players can directly command at this time, no.

How many dungeons are there?
– Currently, fourteen. And there will be more over time. We want to keep things fresh and dynamic, maintain that sense of exploration as time goes on.

Isn’t that a lot of dungeons for a small map?
– It is, but they’re not all open at once. Only a handful of dungeons shall be open at any given time and will work on a rotating cycle. As dungeons are “secured” they shall no longer be open and a new dungeon will take it’s place. This will often correlate with notable monsters and rare items appearing.

How can I tell which dungeons are open?
– Find a Town Crier in your preferred city and simply say “dungeons”; they’ll let you know!
– Or, type [dungeons in game.


Are there mounts?
– Yes, however mounts may only be utilized on roadways in Rel Por; leaving road surfaces or performing any actions will force mounts to kick you off.

Are there runebooks?

– No. See the transportation and map system for more details.

What are binding runes?
– All players are created with two blessed runes that are exclusive to their characters in their packs. One may be marked anywhere. The other may only be marked near binding stones in cities and points of interest.

How do I get more runes?
– There are no additional runes.

What causes a horse to dismount you?
– Horses will dismount you if you run more than 5 tiles off a road, use most abilities or actions or have many abilities or actions performed on you.

What are these hitching posts outside of dungeons and other locations?
– You can purchase, stable and claim pets and mounts at these locations. Say, “vendor buy”, “stable” or “claim” while standing close to it to utilize.

Character Development

How fast is the skill gain?
– For combat skills, it is accelerated. We want our players to be able to enjoy town warfare and combat as quickly as possible. Crafting skills aren’t as easily gained, though. We want to reward our crafting community and prevent saturation.

What’s the skill cap?
– Players have up to 700 skill points to gain.

What’s the stat cap?
– Players have up to 225 stat points to gain.

How high can I raise my skills and stats up to?
– Individual skills and stats cap at 100.

Do “power scrolls” exist?
– No.

How are health points determined?
– 1 point of strength = 1 health point

Will my skill gain slow down the closer to the 700 points skill cap I get?
– Total skill point amount will not effect skill gain rates.

How do I best gain skills?
– Dungeons grant a 25% bonus to skill gain; there are no penalties or rewards for being in towns, houses, wilderness.

Which skills slow down at 95?
– A select number of skills are much more difficult to gain after 95: Magery, Magical Resist, Peacemaking, Provocation, Veterinary, Healing, Parrying, Tactics, Archery, Swordsmanship, Fencing, Macing, Wrestling, Hiding, Stealing.

Is there a way to make those skills that slow at 95 go faster?
– Yes, dungeons and minister bonuses. Dungeons are by far the most effective; to counteract their slow-down at 95, they’ve been granted a 300% increased skill gain rate while in a dungeon. The 300% increase only kicks in at 95; skills are normal dungeon bonus rate prior to that.

Does a faster swinging weapon make me gain skill faster?
– No, it’s all been normalized. You’ll gain just as fast with whichever weapon you select.

Criminality & Flagging

Can murderers and criminals be healed within town limits without being instantly guard-whacked?
– Yes, they can. You can heal and perform other beneficial acts upon murderers in town. This will flag the healer as a criminal but no longer will result an “instant-death” via guards.

What are the Galven Guards?
Galven Guards are strong NPC characters that will attack criminals on site. They are found patrolling various regions and cities.

Can murderers enter towns?
– Most towns, yes. All towns by default allow murderers to enter them. Some cities may employ the Disciplined Guards bonus, which will prevent murderers from entering.

Will there be a “murderer’s town” ala Buccanear’s Den?
– Yes, the city of Roache not only will prevent players from claiming murderer’s severed heads when killed within it but it will also render all those who enter as criminals while they are in it.


What rule-set is the combat in?
– Rule-set most closely resembles the T2A era, with infusion of some modified UO:R dynamics. Meaning there is instant hit weapon damage, healing through poison and the ability to precast and equip a weapon without cancelling your spell.

What determines melee swing speed?
– Swing speed is stamina based.
– Delays between weapon swings will “swap” based on your dexterity.
– This swing timer is based on your true dexterity and does not alter with use of spells or potions.
– If you are below 50 dexterity you have the “mage” swing timers. Meaning slow weapon into quick, eg. halberd into katana for interrupts.
– If you are above 50 dexterity you have the “warrior” swing timers. Meaning quick weapon into slow, eg. katana into halberd for finishers.

What determines archery firing speed?
– There are two factors here; how quickly they fire after stopping and how quickly they are able to fire again. A player’s dexterity will determine the speed of their shot after stopping; the higher their dexterity the closer it is to an instant shot. Successive shots are stamina based.

Do mages receive “defensive wrestling” by having anatomy and evaluating intelligence?
– No, only wrestling will decrease the chances of a player being hit if they unarmed.

Are there UO:R special hits?
– No, there are no random melee concussion, paralyzing or crushing blows. Instead, there is an activated “violent swing”.

What is a violent swing?
– Violent swing is an activated ability utilized by melee players. The next swing will deal additional damage if it lands. It consumes a stamina to execute and is on a scaling cooldown dependent on the user’s intelligence. The higher your intelligence, the longer the cooldown delay.

How do I use a violent swing?
– The command [violentswing in game will trigger it. You can bind the command to a “say” macro to execute it via a hotkey.

What is toxic strike?
– Toxic strike is an activated ability utilized by players with the poisoning skill. It enables the poisoner executing it to ensure their next blow delivers a dose of poison to their target. The higher a player’s poison skill, the more frequently they are able to use it.

How do I use toxic strike?
– The command [toxicstrike in game will trigger it. You can bind the command to a “say” macro to execute it via a hotkey.

How do I use a do a stun punch?
– The command [stunpunch in game will trigger it. You can bind the command to a “say” macro to execute it via a hotkey.

How do I use a do a disarming punch?
– The command [disarm in game will trigger it. You can bind the command to a “say” macro to execute it via a hotkey.

Will fencing receive any special bonuses?
– All fencing weapons may be poisoned. Fencing weapons have increased chance to poison.

Will macing receive any special bonuses?
– Macing weapons will deplete stamina and drain armor.

Will lumberjacking provide a bonus to damage?
– No, there will be no boost to damage with the lumberjacking skill.

Will alchemy provide a bonus to potion usage?
– No, there will be no boost to potion usage with alchemy.

Are there stackable potions?
– Yes, we’ve made it so that potions now stack in Ultima Online.

Won’t stackable potions lead to players carrying significantly more potions without the item cap and consequently change the dynamics of PvP?
– No, that will not be an issue; we’ve made it so that each potion in the stack of potion will continue to count as a single item.

How do explosion potions work?
– Purple potions are not “heat-seeking” and have variable timers to prevent them from being exploited in moving combat.

Can I use EasyUO to help me be a better PvPer?
– No.

Is there use of “target closest” and other oft abused features?
– No, we will be requiring the use of Razor or Steam and negotiation with our server. This will allow us to disable specific features of these programs that we feel damper the spirit of the game, especially combat. Notably blocking target closest type features.

Have weapons been changed?
– In a way, yes. Weapons previously unused or underutilized have been paired to have the same effectiveness of commonly used ones. This is to allow players to utilize the weapon they aesthetically want to without being penalized.
The weapon changes are as below:
Katana: Scimitar, Cutlass
Broadsword: Viking Swords, Long Sword
War Axe: Hammer Pick, Maul, Mace, Club
Halberd: Bardiche
Quarterstaff: Black Staff, Gnarled Staff
Short Spear: Pitchfork
Bow: Crossbow
Axe: All axes share the same properties.

Spells and Magic

Can I heal myself or other players if they are affected by poison?
– Yes, with the healing spell you can.

Will equipping a weapon cancel a spell I have pre-casted?
– No.

How does Mind Blast work?
– Mind Blast does a flat 15 damage to those it is casted upon, regardless of the caster’s Evaluating Intelligence skill, if it is not resisted. Resisting it slightly diminishes the amount of damage inflicted.

How does Magic Reflect spell work?
– Casting Magic Reflect enables a player to reflect 1 circle of spells. Any spell casted upon this player will be reflected upon the attacker and nullify the the protection.
With Inscription and Spirit Speak a player may gain additional circles of protection, up to 8. This means that if a player were to be hit by an energy bolt ( 6 circles) and magic arrow (1 circles) they would still have a residual 1 circles of protection; as long as a player has any amount of circles of protection, any spell casted upon them will be reflected. Casting any offensive spell on this player would be reflected onto the attacker and nullify the protective effects remaining. There is a cooldown before a player may reapply the effects of Magic Reflect.

How does Protection spell work?
– Protection works to decrease the probability a player is interrupted while casting spells while under its effects. The impact increases with skill in inscription and spirit speak; without them the spell is relatively worthless. There is a cooldown before a player may reapply the effects of Protection.

How does Reactive Armor spell work?
– Magic Armor absorbs a percentage of physical damage dealt to the player. The impact increases with skill in inscription and spirit speak; without them the spell is much less effective. There is a cooldown before a player may reapply the effects of Reactive Armor.

Will Fire Fields, Blade Spirits and Energy Vortexes attack anyone or just those flagged aggressive?
– They will attack anyone (and will flag you criminal accordingly).

How have travel spells been changed?
– Recall and Gate Travel have had their timers delayed. Recall requires no magery or reagents to utilize.

How has Paralyze been changed?
– Paralyze will have the length of duration vary based on the caster’s magery and the targeted player’s resist. They also have a chance to be resisted, greatly decreasing the duration of the spell. Additionally, casting paralyze on a player already under the effects of paralyze will free the paralyzed player.

Does leather impact meditation rates?
– No, leather has no impact on meditation.


Can reds enter towns?
– Most towns, yes. All towns by default allow murderers to enter them. Some cities may employ the Disciplined Guards bonus, which will prevent murderers from entering.

What are the consequences for murdering players?
– This is discussed in depth in the murderers and consequences systems page. The short answer is that a murderer accrues a bounty and the value of the bounty determines the severity and length of consequence. The primary consequence is becoming a “shamed” murderer; their names hue pink and they are unable to attack innocent or “blue” players until the bounty declines to 0 with time.

How do I get a murderer’s head and turn it in?
– The player that kills the murderer will automatically have their severed head appear in their bag. You must turn this head into a bounty hunter NPC by dragging it onto them.

How do I become an Outcast murderer?
– The killer must say, “I wish to continue killing”. This will make it so that rather than shamed status, they become an outcast. If their head is captured and turned in they will suffer permanent skill and stat loss.

How do I get out of shamed status?
– There are two options: You may wait — with time the bounty steadily declines. When it hits 0, you will return to normal murderer status. You may also “bribe” a bounty hunter at a cost relative to your current bounty.

Do “long term” murder counts exist?
– Yes, they accrue at 40 hours per murder. 5 long term counts or more mark the player as a murderer.

Will the hours decay if i am logged off?
– No. They will only decay if you are logged in that character.

Will the hours decay if I am a ghost?
– Yes, it doesn’t matter if you are alive or not.

Are there any locations “safe” for murderers?
– Yes, there are areas wherein bounty hunters may not collect severed heads from murderers. In this sense, murderers have a safe place to consider home territory without the penalty of being put into statloss.
These areas currently are: City of Roache and the Island of Scelus, Orc Zones, Undead Zones, Savage Zones, Pirate Zones.

Skill Changes

What skills have been altered?
– We strongly advise players to check the skill changes information page for details on any skills they may be curious about. Below a few notable skill changes are mentioned.
– Skill changes summary page:

How has tracking been changed?
– At low levels the skill will be useless, as it should be. However, at high levels the skill will have increased effectiveness and be able to track over a fair distance making it more worthwhile than players are traditionally used to.

How has detect hidden been changed?
– Players with detect hidden and tracking at high levels may “passively” reveal stealthing players around them; increasing skill levels increases the radius in which they can reveal.
– All players are able to reveal stealthing players if they move within an adjacent tile to a stealther; players simply hiding are exempt.

How has stealthing been changed?
– Stealth no longer requires repeated use to gain additional steps. Instead players have a chance to be revealed with each step. At grandmaster stealthing a player may never fail a step with any armor type. Running, casting or other such actions will break stealth. Talking will not break stealth.

Will later era skills be utilized like spellweaving, imbuing, throwing, etc.?
– No.


Can grandmaster crafters mark their items?
– Yes, grandmaster crafters may apply a maker’s mark.

How do artifacts work?
– Crafters may utilize artifacts with remarkable crafting tools to combine them to items they craft. Artifacts imbue their corresponding magical properties.

How do I use an artifact?
– For Level 0 artifacts (might, surpassingly accurate, guarding), you may simply double click the artifact and apply it (even with no crafting skill). However, service contracts are required to apply artifacts; service contracts are created by crafters using remarkable crafting tools.

How are remarkable crafting tools obtained?
– High level tinkers are able to craft them.

How are artifacts obtained?
– Artifacts are primarily obtained as rare drops in the world such as on slain monsters.

Can multiple artifacts be applied to an item at once?
– Yes, weapons can accept an artifact to the damage modifier (or armor modifier for wearables), accuracy modifier or slayer attributes (eg. silver). Armor is able to have armor rating increasing artifacts applied to them.

Can damage bonus artifacts be applied or stacked onto exceptional weapons?
– No, exceptional weapon bonuses will not stack onto damage bonus.

Can artifacts be removed from weapons or armor?
– No.

Is there colored ore and other tiered resources?
– Yes.

Does it increase item armor or durability?
– It will increase the durability of an item but not the armor rating of armor or damage of a weapon.

Can ingots, boards, fish and other such resources be sold to NPCs?
– No, these sorts of mechanisms cripple the virtual economy very rapidly. Resources may only be utilized or sold to other players.

Will there be runic hammers?
– No.


Are or will there be blinding, atrocious neon items?
– No.

Will there be spawning rares, world rares and other such items?
– Yes, and frequency is based upon the category of its classification: Common, Uncommon, Epic, Legendary, Special, Limited and Unique.

Are there runebooks?
– Nope. See the transportation and map system for more details.

What are binding runes?
– All players are created with two blessed runes that are exclusive to their characters in their packs. One may be marked anywhere. The other may only be marked near binding stones in cities and points of interest.


Is there customized housing?
– There are dozens of new housing options to choose from in addition to the traditional housing options.

Will there be enough room for housing?
– There will be plenty of room for housing; we have the ability to reveal additional landmasses to the world to support such a thing as our player population rises and people begin to own more property.

Will there be lock down items and secure containers in houses?
– Yes. There will be plenty of lockdowns to decorate your home as well as secure containers to safely hold your goods.

How many houses may I own?
– One per account, so up to two houses per player.

What tiles in my house are safe from area of effect spells?
– With the wall being tile 0, the first and second tiles in from the wall can be hit by area of effect spells like meteor swarm. You must be in the third tile from all adjacent walls to avoid damage. In other words, Stand next to the wall. That’s tile 1. You can get hit there. Take one step out. That’s tile 2. You can get hit there also. Take another step. That’s tile 3. You won’t get hit there so long as it is at least the same distance from all walls.

What happens when I demolish or wish to replace a house?
– When using the house placement tool you may see a preview of any given house before you place it. Once it is placed, if you choose to demolish the house, you will receive a percentage of the value of that house returned to your bank.


Can I join different towns on different characters?
– No, your citizenship is account wide.

Can I join the militia of my town on multiple characters?
– Yes, you may join the militia with as many (or none) of your characters to the township you are a citizen of.

Can I wear any town’s special color hue?
– No, players only have access to the special hue of the city of their citizenship.

How do I revoke my citizenship?
– You may revoke your citizenship at the town stone.

How long does it take to revoke my citizenship?
– After being a citizen for 2 days, you may revoke your citizenship at any time.


Can I join the militia of my town on multiple characters?
– Yes, you may join the militia with as many (or none) of your characters to the township you are a citizen of.

How do I get silver?
– By killing opposing militia members, capturing heroes, or winning the Vorshun Wars. They will not yield silver if they have lost a point or given silver within the last 10 minutes.

Can non-militia members heal or cast other beneficial acts upon militia members?
– Yes, however citizens will be flagged as enemy combatants to opposing militia members for a short period of time after doing so. There is no safe “blue healing” on Rel Por.

How do I revoke my militia enrollment?
– You may revoke your militia enrollment at the militia stone in the hero stronghold of your town.

How long does it take to revoke my militia status?
– After 2 days of being in the militia you may revoke your status instantly.


What are ministers?
– Ministers are elected leaders of the five warring towns of Atria (Pedran, Arbor, Vermell, Lillano and Calor). They are able to significantly alter the city with a number of choices and bonuses. They are also responsible for selecting the commander of their town’s militia. More details are in the town politics and ministers page.

How do players become ministers?
– Citizens may sign up to campaign during their towns election registration phase. After the campaign period elapses an election phase will begin where players will be able to vote for who shall become the next minister.

How long are players ministers for?
– One week at a time.

How often may ministers change their town bonus settings?
– Once every 3 days. In other words, up to two times during their control of the town.

How can ministers change their town’s settings?
– This is taken care of through the menu that pops up when a minister clicks on their town stone.


How do I join a guild?
– You must first go to your paperdoll, click the guild tabs and allow invitations in the gump that pops up. Then, get invited to one!

Town Bonuses

What are the town bonuses?
– Please check the “Citizenship Bonuses” page for details.

Vorshun World Wars

What are the Vorshun Wars?
– They are the multiple town war event that periodically will open itself to the militias of all five cities to battle in.

How do I join the Vorshun World Wars?
– You must be a citizen of one of the five unique towns. When the world wars launch you may enter a portal located in your militia stronghold area.

How do I win the Vorshun Wars?
– Get the most points! Points accrue each minute based on which and how many flags your town holds.


Where are the heroes?
– They are in each town’s militia stronghold area.

How do I capture a hero?
– You must destroy the doors in an opposing militia’s stronghold. You only need to destroy one of the two doors, not both. After the door(s) come down you simply just say “capture” to the hero and it will follow you. Return it home to your militia stronghold to capture them and earn rewards for yourself and town.


– We are just some geeks that love Ultima Online a little too much.


What is MyRelPor?
– MyRelPor formerly served as both an account administration hub and as a directory for all of the players, guilds, towns, militias, dungeons and everything in between for Rel Por. Players were able to track and search a vast array of information; how many logs they’ve chopped, the number of times they’ve died to murderers, how many opposing militiamen they’ve slain and so on and compare it to any other player on the shard. This is utilized for administrative purposes only now.


I’m a ghost and I can’t see any players!
– – Any player may reveal themselves to you by using the spirit speak skill, even if they have 0 points in it. Use of the spirit speak will allow you to be seen by all ghosts for a brief period of time, you will be notified when you lose contact with the underworld.

I’m a player and I can’t see ghosts!
– Ghosts are only visible to players if they are actively in “war mode”.

I live with someone else but we’re on the same IP, how do we both get two accounts?
– You most provide proof and submit it to

More questions?
– Please ask them! The forum is an excellent way to get in touch with players and staff!


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