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General Discussion / Rel Por officially closes on September 7th, 2017!
« Last post by Admerylous on August 31, 2017, 01:53:10 PM »
Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that our hosting expires in 7 days.
This is the official goodbye!

Thank you again for any interest or time you've ever thrown our project's way.


If you're looking to get your Ultima Online fix, we'd recommend UO Outlands which features a brand new, beautiful map and some unique, custom gameplay systems to try out.
General Discussion / Re: Any one playing
« Last post by Admerylous on August 25, 2017, 12:49:57 PM »
Server is over, sorry about that. It'll officially be coming down in the next 2 weeks.
General Discussion / [video] Girlgamer — series about gamers life
« Last post by tangar on August 24, 2017, 02:26:52 PM »
Hi ho!

We are very glad to share our new series about gamers life and their family relationships :)

First, pilot episode - #1 START GAME:

Second episode - #2 GAMER'S DAY:

We would be very glad to see your feedback!

If you like our creative, please subscribe to series' YT channel:

Originally we film in Russian language and then translate in English :D If you wanna hear some russian swear language - you are also welcome to our russian channel - :D
General Discussion / Any one playing
« Last post by fixurface on August 17, 2017, 05:34:00 PM »
So is anyone playing here? What time is everyone on? Or is the server dead?
General Discussion / Re: Ultima Online @ Rel Por — fresh view
« Last post by Kilgu on August 09, 2017, 03:32:21 PM »
The reason this shard eventually failed is the same reason as all other shards fail. Its a 20 year old game that doesn't draw enough new players to off set the natural turnover rate that every game has. Even the juggernaut World of Warcraft faces this problem. It hard to entice people to spend their free time on something when you're competing with every medium out there.

This is not the fault of the server or the devs, it is simply the natural progression of games. Think of the biggest games that have come out in the past 10 years. They all eventually get replaced by newer (and sometimes worse) games, just because they are newer.

For this reason I will never blame the stagnant population on a shard owner's abilities but rather the players (myself included) for not being addicted to UO the same way we all were in 1998.

EDIT: Also, Привет братан! Welcome to Rel Por!
General Discussion / Re: Ultima Online @ Rel Por — fresh view
« Last post by Lancefer on July 31, 2017, 05:44:48 PM »
I love those ideas from bio!  Especially the experience rewards for special scrolls, speed based on dex, however to counter that for mages, speed should be just as fast for high mana.

I look forward to the future of Rel Por, UO reimagined!
General Discussion / Suggestions for Rel Por
« Last post by Dane on April 27, 2017, 07:26:09 PM »
Hey all,

Rel Por proved to be my favorite UO server of the last decade, and it's good to see it rebooting.  I'd like to humbly suggest a few edits to make things more polished on the website end of things. 

1. The info pages could use re-working to fit the new world (I'm sure players would be happy to do some of that work)
2. The donation page is still active, meaning somebody might accidentally donate despite not being able to get donation coins (see:
[Edited by Admerylous: removed link.] 

One way to address #1 is to merely remove links to pages (as was done with donations) like "Lillano" and such, that way if they're ever needed in the future, they can easily be re-integrated.  This kind of polishing is vital if Rel Por is to attract new players.

Also, counter tops ought to be craftable, so as to encourage players to make pleasant looking shops and event houses (I admit to being a counter top shill).

Lastly, and this is less of a suggestion and more of a classic UO thorn, I'd give anything to not have to remember to refresh my house- donation subscriptions, in-game monthly gold fees.  IDOC-proofing could exist alongside the current refresh-based system, and could function as a gold-sink or a revenue source.  It could also allow players to more reliably manage structures built for server entertainment (auction houses, event houses, theaters, bars, etc).  Such entertainment value could even be required as a requisite to buying into an IDOC-prevention system.  But most of all, it would offer peace of mind, a very compelling thing for potential players.
General Discussion / Re: Reward Vendors
« Last post by Dane on April 27, 2017, 07:06:36 PM »
Lottery Ticket Rewards:
Tall counter segments.
Top-tier UO server sold will download immediately
General Discussion / Re: Tentative Plans (ETA: March)
« Last post by Dane on April 27, 2017, 06:49:54 PM »
I'm glad to see these changes, and share Kilgu's sentiment.
Can we just go back to a donation system not a coins-for-sale system?
This was the only thing that turned me off from the server. I'll still donate monthly if you need.
It would be highly encouraging to see donation items and currency made untradable.  I'm not sure about removing them all together, as the server can always use more funding, but an expressed long-term commitment to preventing the sale of dono coins and items would bring a lot of security to the average UO shard drifter.
General Discussion / Re: Ultima Online @ Rel Por — fresh view
« Last post by biorhyme on April 17, 2017, 02:47:34 PM »
hey dude you seem like a cool gamer but Im going to piggyback on your comment about ideas on how to improve the shard by adding my own design ideas.

they did good job from a technical aspect on this but its gameplay and implementation is inherently flawed.

this idea of making a replica of your dream first mmorpg is silly..  for everyone.   
original UO was bad. movement speed was out of whack. the game had no variety.  pvp was boring and didnt require skill.  Instead people get it in their heads if they make a custom shard were "tank mages" are op,  their penis will explode in glory and everything will be great.
These dreams of recreating your first cocaine experience or first blowjob are just that dreams.  It was your own virginity that created the rose color glasses you now wear. 

Here's the truth.   
You need to analyze what actually makes good gameplay.

this is what makes good gameplay

-The UO interface.  that is whats good.  Millions of RPGers value a coherent and thematic interface with good gameplay over a mess with fancy graphics.   That is why there was a boom of these indie games, because people started to realize this.  In fact even in the board game community this was realized, and there was a boom in simple thematic wooden games...
so the point isnt making some exact UO replica.  In fact this will deter most people from trying your game because they dont want to play some 2decade old, proven failure of a game.  Where they are 2 decades late to the party and behind.
Instead advertise a NEW game, using the UO world builder.  With a NEW experience.  Dont call it UO.  Make up your own name for your own creation, and then you can add it was made with the UO world builder.
Thats not to say, you cant use your knowledge of the balance and gameplay flaws of UO to design your game.
But streamlined clear gameplay is key.  This is why games like League of Legendsand and heartstone have come to dominate.

key point: stream lined, clear and coherent interface. with good artistic theme.  IE no neon coloring and weird graphics.  probably should be no see through horses or see through rideable llamas.

-Proper Character Progression. No one wants a game of macroing to lvl up a character.  Progression should be stream lined and natural.  Like an iphone or politics you dont want people to see the sausage making done behind the curtains.    The IPY or An Corp shard had a decent grasp of this.    THere should be skill and stat cap gains per day or week by practicing/macroing skills.   Then the only was to raise skills/stats should be by finding skill scrolls by actually adventuring.    In addition something that I have not seem implemented yet but should be, is AUTOMATIC weekly or daily skill/stat gain, based on age of account.    This way by playing naturally people would level up as time goes by.  The auto gains should go slower at higher levels.  These gains could be given by skill or stat scrolls given out daily or weekly.   This creates a natural gameplay progression where everyone plays through and experiences the different stages of the game.  (noob, medium power, grand master).  without having to grind.  but still reward people who want to powergame train skills and adventure of skill scrolls.

key point.  max skill gains through use per day. implement dropable skill/stat scrolls.  auto skill/stat scroll gained by character age.

-variety of gameplay.  Im guessing this is another shard that tries to force people to fight with some skill-less tank mage template with the same combos that people were using 2 decades ago.  With no variety at all.  In fact is this the shard that said something like, "we noticed that all the weapons sucked except a couple so they were never used..... so to fix this we made all the weapons the SAME".  lol no offense but this just shows a fundamental lack of understanding of what this RPGs interface could be.  You should of said, "look at the lack of weapon options and variety in our sandbox mmorpg... but also look at all these already created weapons that could each be tweaked a little to make them have pros and cons, so that players will have options to choose from to tailor their unique rpg play style."

to the point.

you could have made viking swords also do a little damage to armor and stamina,  could have made long swords do more max damage and swing faster.  Made gnarled staffs holdable while casting, or blackstaffs holdable while casting if you have spirit speak skill.  ect ect ect.

or to the point for variety in gameplay and skills.
lumberjacking should have damage bonus to axes....  this one is a no brainer and was already thought up for you guys.   

but more in depth there should be template skills.  like:

herb lorel: now gives +20poisoning,+15healing,+15alchemy,+20tracking, +20camping., +10med. doubles duration of potion buffs. bonus to heal and cure potions.  able to cast heal and cure. +5int, +5 dex.  able to forage for ginseng, mandrake  ect.

this creates situations where you have a totally skill based character progression without levels(like other rpgs have) but players can still kind of form rpg templates.  and mix and match template skills. 
You also have a very limited variety of skills, with a bunch of already made skills, so these should be put to use.

also on gameplay.  why not add 3 special abilities per weapon type.  Like "stun attack" or "spear throw" ect ect.
if someone has the bushido skill they get access to these 3 special abilities that cost mana.   this adds tradeoffs with the dex, int , str usage;  it adds skill to gameplay and adds variety.

key point: much more variety in gameplay weapons and skills.  90% of skills and weapons dont do anything of use.  Change that first. Encourage different playstyles that are all competitive.

-gameplay mechanics.     Movement speed needs to be controlled for proper coherent gameplay, no horses(off roads).   It also needs to be based on dexterity.  In this dex, str, int system.       at 1 dex movement speed characters should be 15% slower than normal UO.  At 100 dex characters should be 15% faster than normal UO speed.  Therefore melee weapon users who have 100dex would have a way to actually get in range of casters with 25dex.

there should be a delay on all spells.  with faster computers and lower lags this creates problems.  A delay of .25secs on all spells will even out gameplay among different pings and prevent spam.

on gameplay.  Good pvp games that have synced Group vs Group utilize good and fun anti-dump mechanics.
Ie Guild Wars.  There should be a targetable reflect spell that reflect EVERYTHING for 2.5seconds.  There should be shield wielding skills that reduce all damage by 95% for 2.5seconds.  Or better yet skills that give +20 str and +20 mana for every spell that hits them for the next 2.5seconds..   There needs to be skills and spells that can counter and capitalize on sync dumps.

key points: no off road horses and movement speed based on dex.;
 .25sec delay on all spells for balancing ping and spam issues.
skills that offer counters to sync dumping in pvp

-This next point might be the most important one. Why are mmorpgs good, and why are sand box worlds with PKing fun?  The real strength of sand box MMORPGs if utilized correctly is this.  THE BEST ENEMIES ARE REAL ONES.... and OPEN SOURCING YOUR GAMEPLAY CANT BE BEAT.   Take reddit or youtube for example.  when you utilize the masses to create content, its unrivaled. 

This needs to be realized and utilized correctly.   Have people be your villains.  You can have an orc camp.  But find people to be the orcs.  There are people who like to be Dungeon Masters.  Find someone to be the head Orc guild leader captain and give people incentives to be orcs.  These people get bonus stats, skills, special in game rewards for their other characters(maybe they get access to a playable "half orc" race for their other characters.  All they have to do is play the bad guys and keep it somewhat mature, and follow by certain rules that the Orc Captain sets in place.

If you can advertise and find people to play story line villain characters your game just became great.   And there are plenty of people who would do this.

On the same theme having players customize the world and be the real enemies of each other in game. SHADOWBANE is something worthy to emulate.  Players should be able to build their own towns with their own guards.  Players then should be able to go to war and conquer each others towns.  IE.  there should be a town pillar guilds should be able to buy for a couple million gold or something.  This pillar should include a banker and the option to buy other shop keep merchants, guards and town items.   Other guilds can then buy a siege pillar for like 500k and place it to declare war on the player town.   After a set time the siege pillar goes live and the siegers are allowed to attack the town pillar.   If the siegers destroy the town pillar before the defenders destroy the siege pillar(or x amount of time goes by) then the siegers conquer the town.

this is all that is needed for faction and town variety.  You only need 1 NPC city (britannia)  for starters, and maybe a couple basic outposts( say Yew, Minoc and Moonglow) besides that all towns/empires should be player built and run.

  Its not complicated and an entire game(Shadowbane) was based around this mechanics.  besides say basic Order and Chaos factions(that represent pks vs anti-pk playstyles) this is all that is needed for factions.

to the point: recruit people to roleplay special villain clans with special benefits.  It doesnt have to be hard core roleplaying, just thematically correct.   Like having an Orc Village with an Orc Guild.     
Also Shadowbane town building and town sieges should be the focus of pvp.

-proper PKing consequences and playstyle rewards.  you dont want to completely destroy anyones character or ruin gameplay for anyone
say something like..

When PKed players puts a bounty on their murderers head. 
You can give trade in head of murderer to get half the total bounty(has to be half otherwise Pks will just cash in on their own heads).
When a murderer dies (at 8+ counts) he must pay the full bounty on his head or face stat loss.
5murder counts turns red.    8 murders = 10% stat and skill loss for a week.   every additional murder count beyond 8 = +1% skill/stat loss. 
Counts are removed in following way:
if player dies and takes stat loss, half counts are removed.   Otherwise 1 count is removed automatically every 3 days.

The Order and Chaos factions are pivotal to the PK vs Anti.

Chaos faction bonus = murder counts are removed 2x as fast.(2 counts every 3 days) so they are able to randomly murder people more often without going red/stat loss.   The head of Chaos gets a crown that gives +20 str/dex/int.
The head of any town that is pledged chaos also gets a generals crown that gives +10 str/dex/int.

Order faction bonus = a shield that can be equipped while meditating or casting spells that gives +5 magic resist.  They also get a notification whenever someone gets PKed in or right outside a dungeon... and maybe a couple other hot spots(like crypts or something).  In addition any town that pledges for Order gets a free npc Order guard.
Order members can gain fame when killing reds(if they have counts).

speaking of fame.  If someone has high fame they should be allowed to hire a strong noble NPC.  people should get bonuses to fame also by wearing gold or valerite armor... and maybe wearing like a diamond ring.

I have a lot more great ideas, fantastic ideas, you wont believe how great these ideas are. 
like gold scroll spells that you cant inscribe.    that are really rare that mages have to find to add them to their spell book.   This would give a pokemon adventure feel to magery, with some mages having unique spells.

expanding sewers under brit with multiple entrances.  with thieves guild and bank down there.

making potions cost 2x more.

runestones are 10x more expensive. 

ect ect.

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