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Suggestions for Rel Por
« on: April 27, 2017, 07:26:09 PM »
Hey all,

Rel Por proved to be my favorite UO server of the last decade, and it's good to see it rebooting.  I'd like to humbly suggest a few edits to make things more polished on the website end of things. 

1. The info pages could use re-working to fit the new world (I'm sure players would be happy to do some of that work)
2. The donation page is still active, meaning somebody might accidentally donate despite not being able to get donation coins (see:
[Edited by Admerylous: removed link.] 

One way to address #1 is to merely remove links to pages (as was done with donations) like "Lillano" and such, that way if they're ever needed in the future, they can easily be re-integrated.  This kind of polishing is vital if Rel Por is to attract new players.

Also, counter tops ought to be craftable, so as to encourage players to make pleasant looking shops and event houses (I admit to being a counter top shill).

Lastly, and this is less of a suggestion and more of a classic UO thorn, I'd give anything to not have to remember to refresh my house- donation subscriptions, in-game monthly gold fees.  IDOC-proofing could exist alongside the current refresh-based system, and could function as a gold-sink or a revenue source.  It could also allow players to more reliably manage structures built for server entertainment (auction houses, event houses, theaters, bars, etc).  Such entertainment value could even be required as a requisite to buying into an IDOC-prevention system.  But most of all, it would offer peace of mind, a very compelling thing for potential players.
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