Combat on Rel Por is the fruition of fifteen years of Ultima Online, evolving into various states and on various shards, doing some things right and learning from mistakes. Thousands of hours and hundreds of players have contributed to achieve the diversity and balanced present today. A fusion of Ultima Online T2A, UO:R and custom mechanics.

General combat mechanics are in large part similar to those that would be known as “T2A” mechanics. Players accustomed to the tank mage will feel right at home.
Those that prefer some of the mechanics featured in the UO:R patches will also be appeased; the “pure” mage, warrior and hybrid are all viable.

Our goal is to provide, at the core, the remarkable PvP environment that only Ultima Online is able to provide. When looking at the various types of combat paths a player can go, the tank mage will still be one of the premier templates and favored by most duelists. The burst damage of a tank mage is virtually unrivaled and unchanged on Rel Por.

What has changed is that other play-styles are both viable and fun. Previously, players were essentially punished if they attempted to PvP with a template other than the tank mage.

Sprint Mechanic:
Rel Por features a brand new mechanic to Ultima Online to add an additional element of strategy and excitement to combat. Players, by using the command [sprint in game, may run at an accelerated speed for a short burst. This ability is on cooldown and changes the dynamics of combat allowing a new level of strategy in determining when best to use the ability. Using it at the right time could very well mean the difference between your or your opponent’s death!

Magery Information:
“Pure” mages (as in, a mage lacking a weapon combat skill) will be viable. The notions of the inscription (scribe), poison (nox), disarm (thief) and heal (stun) mages of UO:R have been worked into the system.

Poison Mage
– Chance to apply greater and deadly poison (and with enough skill, occasionally lethal poison) if they have the poisoning skill by casting the poison spell. The higher the player’s skill in poisoning and the closer they are to their target, the better the chance at dealing higher level poison.
Must have poisoning and taste identification to utilize.

Heal Mage
– Chance to temporarily stun an opponent upon activating and successfully landing a stunning punch. Drains 10 mana upon activation, regardless of success, and has a short cooldown period before reactivation.
Must have wrestling, healing and anatomy to utilize.

Scribe Mage
– The inscription mage empowers the defensive spells of magic reflect, reactive armor and protection. Reactive armor will absorb additional damage, magic reflect will reflect additional circles of spells and protection will make it more difficult for the mage to be interrupted while casting.
Must have inscription and spirit speak to utilize.

Disarm Mage
Chance to disarm the equipped weapon of an opponent with a disarming punch. Typically used by active and bold thieves in combat.
Must have arms lore and wrestling to utilize.

These templates, in a one on one duel, would find it very difficult to best a skilled tank mage due to a lack of burst damage. They would however be potent and viable on the battlefield. Most of all, they add diversity and provide enjoyment to those who would prefer to use them.

Spell Mitigation
– When 3 or more of the same spell are dropped on a single player within a 3 second window, the 3rd and each additional spell’s damage is decreased.
– – Mitigation only triggers within a 3 second window, additional casts within the window do not “refresh” the mitigation.
– – Mitigations only triggers on the same spell, meaning any spell, flamestrike, lightning, energy bolt and explosion all have their own mitigation windows to be triggered.

Melee Information:
Swing Timers:
Delays between weapon swings will “swap” based on your dexterity.
This swing timer is based on your true dexterity and does not alter with use of spells or potions.
– If you are below 50 dexterity you have the “mage” swing timers. Meaning slow weapon into quick, eg. halberd into katana for interrupts.
– If you are above 50 dexterity you have the “warrior” swing timers. Meaning quick weapon into slow, eg. katana into halberd for finishers.

Violent Swing Mechanics:
The warrior has been given an activated swing that will yield additional damage to their opponents. This ability comes at a cost to the warrior; activating it will drain 20 stamina. Upon the attempted swing a cooldown timer for reuse will begin. This ability aims to add in a risk/reward skill to the warrior while providing them some much-needed burst damage to have a stronger presence on the battlefield.

  • Upon activation, violent swing ability triggers the next swing to strike a devastating blow to an opponent which will provide a boost to damage inflicted – IF the hit DOES land (so, 50% chance at GM vs GM fighting skills in practice).
  • Activation costs the user 20 stamina; if user does not have 20 stamina ability is unable to activate.
  • Base delay on re-use of 30 seconds on intelligence with anyone with 25 (or lower) intelligence.
  • Delay increases at a rate of 2 seconds per additional intelligence over 25 (eg. 40 intelligence, 15 over 25 meaning an additional 30 second penalty yielding a total of a 60 second re-activation delay).
  • Players must have a minimum of 50 anatomy and 50 tactics to utilize ability.

Other notes, concerns:
– Violent Swing cannot be used with Archery.
– The intelligence based cooldown eliminates an overwhelming advantage in favor of ‘med warriors’ but still offers good utility.
– Mind Blast deals a flat 15 damage to opponents, regardless of evaluating intelligence. This will be of greatest use and effectiveness to ‘med warriors’.


Archery adjustments:
Speed of shot upon stopping of movement is based on dexterity; 100 dexterity yields a rapid shot upon stopping; 25 dexterity has a notable delay before firing. This is in place to prevent archery become a requirement for effective field combat while allowing melee players to have access to it in its full efficacy.
Toxic Strike:
Players with at least 20 skill in the poisoning skill unlock the ability to execute a toxic strike. Upon triggering toxic strike their next successful hit on an opponent will discharge poison from their blade if it has any charges left to do so. The higher a player’s poisoning skill, the more frequently they are able to utilize the ability.



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Armor InfoArmor Information

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