First and foremost, as the developers and administrators of Rel Por, we’d like to be clear about one very important rule:
Don’t be a jerk.

There’s a distinct line between healthy ego, competitive spirit and banter versus outright destructive behavior to the community and shard.

If we feel you are net detriment to our community we will not hesitate to delegate punishments ranging from temporary bans, account deletions or permanent bans. This applies to actions within our forums, chat rooms and the in the game world; they are considered connected and not exclusive from each other.

How many accounts are allowed per IP?
– You may have two accounts per IP address.

How many characters are allowed per account?
– You may only create 2 characters per account. Trying to create more will simply prevent your account from connecting into the shard.

How many accounts may I be logged into at once?
– You may have both of your accounts logged into game simultaneously.

May I share accounts with friends?
– No, your two accounts are your accounts. Players caught sharing accounts may have their privileges revoked.

How do I register an account?
– That is done automatically when logging into the shard. Just simply enter your desired username and password and it will be created. Don’t forget your username or password!

Am I allowed to gather resources unattended?
– No unattended resource gathering is allowed. Systems are in place to prevent players from doing so. Players caught doing so will be jailed, suspended, have their resources deleted or banned from the shard.
– For more information on our unattended resource gathering check system, visit the “Resource Gathering” page.

Can I leave a character in a location “scout” dungeons or other locations?
– No, this is against our rules. We have systems to counter this sort of behavior but in addition have an official policy to jail, then suspend accounts utilizing characters to scout the entrances to dungeons and other locations.

Is EasyUO or scripting allowed?
– No, EasyUO and other related advanced scripting is strictly banned.

Will my player’s name be unique?
– Names are unique.

May I buy gold for real life cash?
– No, absolutely not. Goods advertised for sale for cash will be removed.

May I sell my accounts?
– Again, no.

How big of an idiot can I be and get away with it?
– Racial, homophobic, sexual slurs or other such overt harassment will not be tolerated. Don’t do it. Don’t test it. We don’t want to have to police anything; please allow us to keep it this way.
– If someone is attempting to harass you, please first look to utilize the ignore feature in Ultima Online. If it is crossing the line, feel free to contact the staff.
– For information on the ignore feature visit the “Game Commands” page.

Can I attempt to exploit/ try to cheat/impersonate staff members/so and and so forth?
– No, this sort of falls under the “don’t be an idiot” rule. We’re just a bunch of Ultima Online fans donating our spare time to provide a free shard; please don’t attempt to abuse our goodwill and force us to suspend or ban you.

Can I make my name something offensive or racist?
– No. Not unless you’re okay with us changing it to whatever we’d prefer it to be.

Can I macro?
– Macroing is legal.