Anatomy Uses:

  • Passively increases the combat damage you deal.
  • Passively adds amount healed to yourself, NPC’s, or other players.
  • Allows players to utilize the stun punch ability when combined with wrestling skill.
  • Actively check the Dexterity and Strength of another player, animal, or monster.


Damage Increase

  • Damage increase is added to your base weapon damage, scales linearly with increase anatomy skill.


  • Anatomy linearly increases to the amount you can heal per bandage application.
  • To cure poisonings with bandages you need a minimum of 60 anatomy and healing, and to resurrect you need 80 anatomy and healing.

Special Ability Use: Stun Punch

  • When combined with Healing and Wrestling, enables a player to deliver a stunning punch which will temporarily paralyze an opponent in place for a short time.


  • [stunpunch
    • Readies the player’s next unarmed punch to attempt a stunning blow.
    • Consumes 10 mana and has a cooldown on reuse.


Active Use

To Actively use the skill click your skill icon and select your target you will receive two of the messages below giving you information on your target.

Strength Message Target’s Strength Dexterity Message Target’s Dexterity
Rather feeble 1-10 Very clumsy 1-10
Somewhat weak 11-20 Somewhat uncoordinated 11-20
To be of normal strength 21-30 Moderately dexterous 21-30
Somewhat strong 31-40 Somewhat agile 31-40
Very strong 41-50 Very agile 41-50
Extremely strong 51-60 Extremely agile 51-60
Extraordinarily strong 61-70 Extraordinarily agile 61-70
Strong as an ox 71-80 Moves like quicksilver 71-80
One of the strongest people you have ever seen 81-90 One of the fastest people you have ever seen 81-90
Superhumanly strong 90+ Superhumanly agile 90+

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