Animal Lore Information:

  • Animal Lore has increased functionality on Rel Por. You may actively utilize Animal Lore on any animal to learn various attributes such as strength, dexterity, combat skills and so forth.
  • Animal Lore skill determines the number of follower slots an animal tamer may have. For every 10 skill points invested animal lore will yield an additional control slot.
    • Spirit Speak will also yield additional slots; combining these two will not lead to increased control slots. Players have a minimum of 2 control slots up to a maximum of 10.
      • A player gains an additional control slot for every 10 skill beginning at a base of 2 slots at 0 skill.
      • This means 2 slots at 0 skill; 6 slots at 40 skill; 9 slots at 70 skill and 10 slots greater than 80 skill.
  • Animal Lore also influences the potency of heals from the veterinary skill.
    • At 60 animal lore and veterinary skill, a player may begin to cure poison from creatures.

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