Flag_arms_loreArms Lore Information:

  • Actively using the arms lore skill on an item will reveal information regarding it. Most importantly, it will reveal the remaining durability the item has before it will break from use.
  • Arms Lore additionally has functionality tied into other skills to produce a disarming move.
    More information on that below.

Disarming Move:

  • Chance to disarm the equipped weapon of an opponent with a disarming punch. Typically used by active and bold thieves in combat.
  • Drains 10 mana upon activation, regardless of success.
  • Has a 20 second cooldown period before reactivation.
  • Must have 50 Arms Lore skill utilize.
  • Chance to disarm does not increase with additional skill points in Arms Lore.
  • Command to use: [disarm

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