Detecting Hidden Information:

  • Detecting Hidden can be used to reveal hidden and stealthed players as well as traps.
  • There is both a passive and active form of Detect Hidden.

First, some terms to make it easier to understand Rel Por’s system:
= The potential “victim” of the stealther.

Stealther = The individual utilizing the stealthing skill.

Bystander = An individual on the same screen as the player and stealther.

Hider = A player simply utilizing the hiding skill or that has activated the hiding skill after initiating stealth, not in active stealth.

Motion = A player that has moved their character — this includes turning in a single location or actively walking and running. Essentially any movement action that sends a message to the server to update their current orientation in the world.

Passive Detection = The ability to see the greyed-out silhoutte of the stealther; the stealther remains in stealth and unaware of their detection.

Active Detection = The active use of the detect hidden skill where a player clicks onto an area of the world, revealing any hiding or stealthed players in the area. The size of the area is dependent upon the player’s detect hidden skill.

Instant Detection = The functionality where a stealther is automatically revealed by the player and taken out of the stealth state without active use of the detect hidden skill. This functionality ONLY works on stealthers in the adjacent tile while the player is in motion.

Undetected = The state in which the stealther is not detected in any way and remains invisible to the player.

Active Detect Hidden Use:
Activating this skill and clicking on an area of the map will reveal any hiders or stealthers in that area. Increased skill points in detect hidden increase the area that is revealed.
Active Range:
Every additional 20 skill points adds a tile of detection.
– – At 0 skill all players will are able to actively reveal a single tile area.
– – At 20 skill a player would passively reveal the central and 2 adjacent tiles.
– – At 60 skill a player would passively reveal the central and 4 adjacent tiles.
– – At 100 skill a player would passively reveal the central and 6 adjacent tiles.

Instant Stealth Detection:
– Stealthers will be instantly revealed by players and mobiles (meaning also monsters, animals, NPCs) that actively motion in or into the tiles adjacent to them. Hiders are excluded from this mechanic.

Passive Detect Hidden Use:
– A player will attempt to passively detect any stealthers on the screen depending on their detect hidden skill. The higher the skill, the larger the passive detection radius around them.
– Hiders may not be passively detected.

Passive Range:
Every additional 20 skill points adds a tile to the detection.
– – At 0 skill a player will only instantly reveal players if they are in motion; at 0 skill no stealthers are revealed without motion.
– – At 20 skill a player would passively reveal the 2 tiles around them.
– – At 60 skill a player would passively reveal the 4 tiles around them.
– – At 100 skill a player would passively reveal the 6 tiles around them.

  • Bystanders do NOT see the stealthers that are passively revealed by the player’s passive detect hidden skill; only the player passively detecting the stealthed player may see them.
  • Line of Sight is required for both active and passive detection to function.


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