Healing Information:

  • Healing lets you restore hit points on yourself or other players by using bandages. When combined with the anatomy skill, you will heal for greater amounts and gain the ability to cure poison as well as resurrect other players.
  • Applying bandages takes time, and your chances of success fall as you take further damage. A higher healing skill can allow you to ignore outside interference.
    The speed in which a bandage is applied is directly related to dexterity; higher dexterity values enable quicker heals.
  • Although similar to the Veterinary skill, healing will not allow you to aid animals or monsters.
  • At 60 Healing and 60 Anatomy a player may cure poison with bandages.
  • At 80 Healing and 80 Anatomy a player may resurrect another player with bandages.


Special Ability Use: Stun Punch

  • When combined with Anatomy and Wrestling, enables a player to deliver a stunning punch which will temporarily paralyze an opponent in place for a short time.


  • [stunpunch
    • Chance to temporarily stun an opponent upon activating and successfully landing a stunning punch.
    • Drains 10 mana upon activation, regardless of success.
    • Has a 30 second cooldown period before reactivation.
    • Must have at least 60 Wrestling, 60 Healing and 60 Anatomy to utilize.
    • Chance to stun does not increase with additional skill points in any of the aforementioned skills.


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