Herding Information:

  • The herding skill passively increases the damage the controlled pets a tamer has.
    • At 100 herding skill the boost to damage is 25%.


  • The herding skill also allows players to actively cause creatures and animals to move to desired locations. To use your Herding skill to herd animals:
    • Place a Shepherd’s Crook in your hand, or your pack.
    • Double-click the crook.
    • Target the animal you wish to herd.
    • Target the location you wish the animal to move toward.
    • If you target yourself the animal will follow you.

    If successful, the animal moves in the direction you intend. The Herding system messages are as follows:

    • Which animal do you wish to heard?
    • You don’t seem able to persuade that to move.
    • Click to where you wish the animal to go.
    • The animal walks to where instructed to.
    • The animal begins to follow you.

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