Macing Information:

  • Macing weapons exert armor drain upon their opponents, gradually lowering their armor rating.
  • Initially deal less base damage than all other weapons but compensate with decreasing armor values through the armor drain mechanism.
  • Macing weapons deplete additional stamina upon hits compared to other weapon types.
  • Macing weapons may not be poisoned.
  • Mace fighting does receive the ability to utilize the Violent Swing.
  • Certain weapons, such as the war mace and war hammer are able to drain more armor per swing than others. This is in addition to their unique property of draining additional stamina against opponents.
  • Note: Armor drain will “expire” and armor will return to it’s full armor value after a short period of time without sustaining any other armor-draining blows. Armor still possesses durability values and will break over time after sustaining enough damage.

Weapon Normalization:

  • Quarter Staff: Black Staff, Gnarled Staff
  • War Hammer: None
  • War Axe: Mace, Hammer Pick, Maul, Club
  • War Mace: None
  • Crook: None
  • Wand: None

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