Magery Information:

  • Increasing magery skills enables a player to cast higher circle spells and fail less frequently when doing so.
  • Magery skill contributes to the potency and reliability of all spells including heals, poisons, buffs, curses and damaging spells.
  • The minimum magery skill needed to attempt to cast any spell is now (Spell Level * 10), with the exception of level 1, which can be casted at 0 Magery.
  • Spell success is (Player Magery Skill – Spell Min Skill Needed) * 4%. This means level 7 spells can be attempted at 70 magery and have 100% success at 95 magery. Level 8 spells at 100 magery will have an 80% success rate.
  • Players using a scroll to cast still reduces the effective circle being cast by 2 for purposes of success chance.


  • Spell Changes

    • Many of the spells on Rel Por have been slightly altered from some of their traditional means. Some of these are inherent to the spell itself and some are modified by other skills.
    • For a full list of spell changes please visit the Spells List page.


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