Parry General Information:

  • Parrying is used to mitigate damage of melee blows or archery shots from opponents. You must have a shield equipped to parry.
  • The type of shield has no impact on your chance to parry. Chance to parry is entirely dependent upon a player’s parrying skill.
  • If you fail to parry, a shield offers no protection aside from the base armor it provides.
    • Shields with higher armor have higher dexterity penalties.
  • Players may cast spells and meditate through chaos and order shields with sufficient wrestling and parrying skill.
    • Minimum skill requirement of 50 Parrying and 50 Wrestling to equip Chaos and Order Shields.
  • Parrying is also able to mitigate some of the damage from spells that are casted by creatures and monsters. This ability does not apply to spells casted by other players.


Shields Armor and Dexterity Penalties:

Shields Armor Dexterity Penalty
Wooden Shield 3 1
Tear Kite Shield 4 2
Buckler 4 2
Bronze Shield 6 3
Metal Shield 8 4
Metal Kite Shield 10 5
Heater Shield 12 6
Order Shield 10 5
Chaos Shield 10 5

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