Poisoning Information:

  • Poisoning has potent utility for both melee and magical combat.
  • Poisoning weapons difficulty values:
    Minimum skill for applying poison potions to items are as follows:
    Lesser = 0,
    Regular = 25,
    Greater = 50,
    Deadly = 75.
    Success % = (Poisoning Skill – Potion Min Skill) * 4%.
    Poisoning skill for Melee Combat:

  • Players may use the poisoning skill to apply poison to certain weapons. These weapons include one handed swordsmanship weapons and all fencing weapons.
    Swords weapons have an inherent 15% chance to discharge their poisons.
    Fencing weapons have an inherent 30% chance to discharge their poisons.
  • The higher a player’s poisoning skill the more potent of a poison they may apply to a weapon.

    Special Ability Use: Toxic Strike
    Players with the poisoning skill are able to execute a “toxic strike” that enables the next melee hit that lands upon an opponent to guarantee poison is discharged from their weapon if that weapon has poison charges remaining on the blade.

    In-Game Command: [toxicstrike

    Note: Requires minimum of 20 poisoning skill to utilize.

    The higher a player’s poisoning skill, the more frequently they are able to use the ability.
    – At 20 skill the cooldown between attempts is 110 seconds.
    – At 100 skill the cooldown between attempts is 30 seconds.

Poisoning skill for Magical Combat:

  • Special Ability Use: Improved Potency to Poison Spell
    Players are able to cast higher levels of poison based on their overall skill and their distance to their opponent (including deadly and lethal poison).
    – Must have poisoning and taste identification to utilize.
    – The higher their combined skills and the closer they are to their target, the better the chance at dealing higher level poisons.

Gaining Poisoning Skill:
Poisoning can now be gained all the way to Grandmaster level by utilizing only lesser poison potions, the same potions sold by NPC shopkeepers in various alchemy and magery shops.


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