Snooping Information:

  • By and large, Snooping is considered a prerequisite for the Stealing skill. It allows a player to look into the packs of other players A character only can steal random items from other characters without it.
  • While standing no more then two tiles away double click the pack. If successful, you will be able to see the contents in the same way as you see your own backpack.
  • Whether you succeed or not, there is a chance you will be noticed, wherein nearby players will receive a message concerning your action. Your chances of success increase with higher levels of the Snooping skill, while your chances of being detected decreases.
  • Attempting to steal from another player, whether the item is taken or not, may make you a criminal. The chances of this decreases as your skill rises, but the more characters (including NPCs) are nearby, the more likely you’ll be “caught in the act”. Assuming you are not seen, you will retain your ‘blue’ status.

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