Spirit Speak Information:

  • Spirit Speak has three primary functions on Rel Por.
    • Actively using the skill reveals the player to ghosts and allows them to interpret the speech of ghosts. Without actively using the spirit speak skill, a ghost will not be able to see the player unless in a party. This functionality is at all skill levels, 0 to 100.
    • When combined with Inscription, enables players to cast more potent defensive spells (Protection, Reactive Armor and Magic Reflect).
    • Increasing skill in spirit speak enables a player to have additional follower control slots in order to cast more summons.
      • All players start with a base followers of 2 slots at 0 skill. A player may not have more than 10 control slots.
      • Follower slots increase at 1 slot per 10 Spirit Speak skill.
      • eg. 70 Spirit Speak skill would yield 9 slots; 70/10 = 7, plus 2 starting slots.
      • Summons may be dispelled.
      • Summons last for (Magery * 4) seconds before vanishing.

      Summoned Creature Comparison Tables
      Combat Functionality

      • When combined with inscription, enables players to cast more potent defensive spells. This is known as the scribe mage’.
      • The inscription mage empowers the defensive spells of magic reflect, reactive armor and protection. Reactive armor will absorb additional damage, magic reflect will reflect additional circles of spells and protection will make it more difficult for the mage to be interrupted while casting.
        • Reactive armor will absorb additional damage.
          – 120 second reuse delay.
        • Protection will make it more difficult for the mage to be interrupted while casting.
          – 150 second reuse delay.
        • Magic Reflect will reflect additional circles of spells.
          – 120 second reuse delay.

          • At 100 Inscription and 100 Spirit Speak, the player gains 8 circles of reflection. If a character has any remaining circles of reflect remaining, any spell will be reflected back to the original caster.
          • Example: A player has 8 circles of reflection, a player casts explosion on him, a 6 circle spell. This removes 6 of the 8 circles leaving the player down to 2 circles of reflection. The player then casts energy bolt, the remaining 2 circles would be removed and the spell would also be reflected. The next spell casted upon the player would then succeed.
          • At 0 Inscription and 0 Spirit Speak, the player gains 1 circle of reflection. This one circle would reflect any one spell and then be nullified.
          • Please note, the dispel spell will remove any effects of Magic Reflect, Polymorph and Incognito.

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