Stealing Information:

  • The stealing skill enables a player to steal from both players and some NPCs.
  • Attempting to steal an item will reveal you if you are hidden or Invisible. It is typically considered wise to Stealth over to your target beforehand, then (if your mark is another character), use the Snooping skill to better pinpoint the item you’re after. You must have both hands free to steal and will need to wait ten seconds before you can use another skill.
  • Attempting to steal from another player, whether the item is taken or not, may make you a criminal. The chances of this decreases as your skill rises, but the more characters (including NPCs) are nearby, the more likely you’ll be “caught in the act”. Assuming you are not seen, you will retain your ‘blue’ status.
  • There are some key changes to note regarding stealing on Rel Por:
    • There is no “thieves’ guild” to restrict a player from stealing.
    • Players with stealing skill over 30 may no longer report murders.
    • Players may no longer steal from creatures or monsters.
    • Disguise kits now require 50 stealing skill to utilize.
    • Disguise kits no longer have any restrictions based on thieves’ guild membership.
    • Disguise kits can be purchased from gypsies and thieves around the world of Atria.
  • Stealing Success Formula:
    • Player first makes a skill check with % success = Stealing Skill skill ( with success % capped at 95%)
    • If player skill check succeeds, determine the maximum weight worth of items that can be stolen, where Weight = (Skill / 10) + (Random of -2.5 to 2.5) stones.
    • If item is single item, it is stolen if maximum weight stealable >= item weight.
    • If item is in stack, the maximum weight stealable is lowered by dividing it by 2. The then player steals a number of items whose combined weight is that new maximum weight amount. For example, if you normally would have stolen 9.8 stones, you will steal 4.9 stones worth of items from a stack (such as 49 nightshade or 4 potions).

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