Stealthing Information:

  • Stealth allows a character to move silently while maintaining invisibility.
  • Increasing skill decreases the chance you may fail your attempt to stealth.
  • Upon successful use of the skill you receive 2 steps of guaranteed stealth per 10 skill points. So, at 80 skill you would take 16 steps without being revealed.
  • Every step after your final stealth has a chance to reveal inversely related to your skill.
  • At 100 skill you will never fail a stealthed step and do not have to repeatedly reuse the skill.
  • At 100 skill armor type has no impact on stealth success or failure.
  • A character must have at least 80.0 in Hiding to be able to use Stealth. Otherwise, the message “You are not hidden well enough. Become better at hiding.” will display.

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