Flag_tailoringTailor Information:

  • While many items created by tailors are of cloth, as your skill improves you may create armor out of forms of Leather or even Bones.
  • Tailors may utilize artifacts to imbue their magical properties into the armor they are capable of crafting.

Resource Types:

  • Various creatures of the world will yield leather-like hides. The more difficult the creature, the tougher the hide will be. Utilizing these unique hides a tailor can craft armor that has increased durability.
  • Durability order: Normal Leather, Spined Leather, Horned Leather, Barbed Leather

New Tailoring Craftable Items:

  • Veteran Militia Clothing:
    • Veteran militia hued cloth, sold by militia reward vendors for silver, will require tailors to craft the cloth into clothing items.
  • Bone Armor:
    • Many of the undead skeletal creatures of the world have a chance to drop bones. Bones when combined with leather enabled a tailor to craft exceptional bone armor and exceptional orc helmets.

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