Tracking Information:

Active Use Information:

  • A player may click the tracking skill which will then bring up a menu. From the menu they can select the type of mobile they are attempting to locate. With increasing levels of tracking, the range in which a player can track increases. At 100 skill the range is quite substantial on Rel Por.
    • track

    • Players that are not hidden are able to be tracked from full distance with the tracking skill.
    • For players that are hidden the distance is modified by the Detect Hidden skill.
    • With increasing levels of Detect Hidden the player is able to track invisible players that are further away, to full extent at 100 detect hidden and 100 tracking skill combined.
    • Once you select the mobile you wish to track an arrow will point to where they are located. This arrow will track the player and their movements, right click the arrow to remove it.

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