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Spells with notable changes have their text color hued in red.
Reagent Key:
BP=Black Pearl – BM=Blood Moss – Ga=Garlic – Gi=Ginseng – MR=Mandrake Root – Ns=Nightshade – SS=Spider’s Silk – SA=Sulphurous Ash
First Circle – Mana Cost: 4
Spells Words of Power Reagents
Clumsy Uus Jux BM, Ns
clumsy Lowers the agility of the target.
Create Food In Mani Ylem Ga, Gi, MR
create foodCreates food.
Feeblemind Rel Wis Gi, Ns
feeblemindLowers the intelligence of the target.
Heal In Mani Ga, Gi, SS
healHeals a small amount of damage.
With each subsequent cast of heal, the potency of the spell decreases.
After a short period of time the potency of the spell gradually returns.
Magic Arrow In Por Ylem Sa
M ArrowCauses minor damage.
Will not interrupt the spell casting of other players.
Nightsight In Lor Sa, SS
nightsightTurns darkness into light.
Reactive Armor Flam Sanct Ga, Sa, SS
R Armor
Enables the caster to absorb physical damage.

The amount of damage absorbed is dependent upon the caster’s inscription and spirit speak skills.

Has a cooldown before reuse.

Weaken Des Mani Ga, Ns
weakenLowers the strength of the target.
Second Circle – Mana Cost: 6
Spells Words of Power Reagents
Agility Ex Uus BM, MR
agilityIncreases the dexterity of the target.
Cunning Uus Wis Ns, MR
cunning Increases the intelligence of the target.
Cure An Nox Ga, Gi
cureCures the poison afflicting the target. Is able to cure lethal poison (level 5) at higher levels of magery.

The greater the level of poison the more difficult it will be to cure.

Harm An Mani Ns, SS
HarmA minor damaging spell; damage increases with closer proximity to target. Able to disrupt the casting of spells.

The first cast of harm will damage and interrupt an opponent as it always has. The second and any subsequent casting of harm will not disrupt spell casting.

To “reset” the ability to cast interrupting harms on a target, a direct damaging spell above the 2nd circle must be cast (eg. fireball, lightning, energy bolt) upon that target. Until then the target will not be interrupted by any casting of harm upon them.

Magic Trap In Jux Ga, SS, Sa
Magic Trap Useful for trapping containers, which can break a paralyze spell.
Remove Trap An Jux BM, Sa
untrapRemove the trap from an object that has been trapped with the Magic Trap spell, poorly trapped chests, or a trap set by a low level tinker.
Protection Uus Sanct Ga, Gi, Sa
protectionAllows you to cast spells with a reduced chance to be interrupted.

This chance can be substantial and is dependent on the caster’s spirit speak and inscription skills.

Has a cooldown before reuse.

Strength Us Mani MR, Ns
strengthIncreases the strength of the target.
Third Circle – Mana cost 9; Delay 1.00 seconds
Spells Words of Power Reagents
Bless Rel Sanct Ga, MR
blessCombines the spells Agility, Cunning and Strength into one spell.
Fireball Vas Flam BP
fireballA quick damaging spell of small damage.

Fireball deals additional damage to creatures and monsters.

Magc Lock An Por BM, Ga, Sa
magic lockMagically locks a chest. Lasts until smashed or magic unlocked.
Poison In Nox Ns
poisonPoisons your target with varying levels of poison.

The level of poison is dependent on the caster’s proximity to their target as well as their poisoning and taste identification skills.

Telekinesis Ort Por Ylem BM, MR
telekinesisAllows you to open/manipulate objects from a distance.
Teleport Rel Por BM, MR
teleportAllows you to teleport a short distance.

Has a cooldown timer before reuse.

Unlock Ex Por BM, Sa
unlockGood for characters without lock picking for unlocking magic locked or level 1 to 2 treasure chests. Success on treasure chests depends on the magery skill. Is also the counter for the “Magic Lock” spell.
Wall of Stone In Sanct Ylem BM, Ga
wallGood for blocking in opponents. The wall can also be used to signal for instance the start of a duel.Lasts for 10 seconds.

Has a cooldown timer before reuse.

Fourth Circle – Mana cost 11
Spells Words of Power Reagents
Archcure Vas An Nox Ga, Gi, MR
archcureCures poison with a greater success than the normal cure spell. Success is dependent upon the caster’s magery skill.

Able to cure multiple targets within a 3 tile radius.Casting archcure on a direct target will only cure that specified target; casting archcure on the ground will execute its area of effect ability around all of those in the area.

Archprotection Vas Uus Sanct Ga, Gi, MR, Sa
arch protectCasts an armoring protection spell on all party members (including self) that are up to 3 tiles away.Only serves to increase the armor of those it affects, does not work as the “Protection” spell does.
Curse Des Sanct Ga, Ns, Sa
curse Act as Clumsy, Feeblemind and Weaken spells all in one.
Fire Field In Flam Grav BP, SS, Sa
firefieldDoes minor damage each second a target is within its field of fire.
Greater Heal In Vas Mani Ga, Gi, MR, SS
Greater HealA potent healing spell.

Magery skill is the only modifier determining the potency of your heal spells.

Lightning Por Ort Grav MR, Sa
lightningA short casting spell that instantly hits the target for a medium amount of damage.
Mana Drain Ort Rel BP, MR, SS
mana drainDecreases mana of the target. Easily resisted.
Recall Kal Ort Por None
recallA travel spell to be cast upon a rune for instant travel to the marked location.Recall is unique in that it requires no magery to successfully cast and all players will have two blessed runes in their pack; see transportation system information for more details.

Recall has a prolonged casting time on Rel Por.

Players are unable to recall into dungeons but may recall out of them.
Fifth Circle – Mana cost 14
Spells Words of Power Reagents
Blade Spirits In Jux Hur Ylem BP, MR, Ns
Blade Spirit*Mana cost 18; Additional casting delay 6 seconds. Summons Blade Spirits that will attack anything in a 6 tile radius.

It targets nearby creatures with high Strength and/or Tactics first. Does up to 15 points of damage per hit.

Duration 120 seconds. Can be dispelled.

Dispel Field An Grav BP, Ga, SS, Sa
dispel fieldDispels one tile of a field spell (fire, poison, etc). Most used for closing a gate after you (and your friends) moved through it to stop people from following you.
Incognito Kal In Ex BM, MR, Ns, Sa
incognitoChanges your name and appearance (not your clothes) for a while. Used mostly for training or for role play purposes.
Lasts for (Magery * 1.2) seconds
Magic Reflection In Jux Sanct Ga, MR, SS
magic reflectApplies circles of reflect dependent upon the caster’s magery, inscription and spirit speak skills.

Higher skill levels will reflect multiple spells.Has a cooldown before reuse.

Mind Blast Por Corp Wis BP, MR, Ns, Sa
MindblastDoes 15 damage, regardless of caster’s evaluating intelligence, to the target if not resisted.
Paralyze An Ex Por BP, Ns, SS
paralizeParalyzes the target in place for a short period of time. Effect breaks upon any damage.
Duration of paralyze is dependent upon the caster’s magery and the target’s magical resistance.

May be resisted to substantially decrease the duration.

Additionally, casting paralyze on a target already paralyze will break the paralyze.

Poison Field In Nox Grav Bp, Ns, SS
poison fieldCreates a wall of poison.
Summon Creature Kal Xen BM, MR, SS
summon creature*Mana cost 18; Additional delay 6 seconds.
Summons a low level creature to assist you.
Lasts for (Magery * 4) seconds, up to 480.
Sixth Circle – Mana cost 20
Spells Words of Power Reagents
Dispel An Ort Ga, MR, Sa
dispelDispels a summoned creature.
Can be resisted.

Dispel is able to remove existing effects of Magic Reflect, Polymorph and Incognito from players.

Energy Bolt Corp Por BP, Ns
energy boltA significant damaging spell.
Explosion Vas Ort Flam BM, MR
explosionA significant damaging spell. Has approximately two second delay before damaging the target after “releasing” the spell.
Invisibility An Lor Xen BM, Ns
InvisibilityHides you from sight for a short while.
Lasts for (Magery * 1.2) seconds.
Mark Kal Por Ylem None
MarkAllows caster to mark a rune that you can later recall or gate to. Not all areas in the game allow you to mark a rune there (eg. dungeons).

Additionally, players will only have two runes available to them, which will be blessed and confined to their inventory. One rune may be marked anywhere as normal, the other may be marked only to binding stones in cities and points of interest in the world.

Mark no longer requires any magery skill to cast.

See transportation system details for more information.

Mass Curse Vas Des Sanct Ga, MR, Ns, Sa
Mass CurseCasts Curse on all creatures within a 3 tile radius.
Paralyze Field In Ex Grav BP, Gi, SS
paralyze fieldThe paralyze spell in form of a field.
Reveal Wis Quas BM, Sa
RevealReveals a hidden player in the targeted area.
Seventh Circle – Mana cost 40
Spells Words of Power Reagents
Chain Lightning Vas Ort Grav BP, BM, MR, Sa
chain LightningHits a series of targets with a lightning bolt for moderate damage.
Energy Field In Sanct Grav BP, MR, SS, Sa
energy FieldLonger lasting and longer physical length version of the wall of stone spell, except this wall is made of energy instead of stone.
Lasts for (2 + (Magery * 0.28)) seconds.
Flamestrike Kal Vas Flam SS, Sa
flamestrikeHits the target with a burst of flames that does substantial damage.
Gate Travel Vas Rel Por BP, MR, Sa
GateOpens a moongate to a specific marked location.
Some areas of the map cannot be gated to.
Spell duration of 30 seconds.Has prolonged casting time.

Has a cooldown between repeat usage.

Mana Vampire Ort Sanct BP, BM, MR, SS
Mana VampireThis spell drains your opponents mana and adds it to your own. You can not drain more mana than your victim has left. This spell is easily resisted.
Mass Dispel Vas An Ort BP. Ga, MR, Sa
mass dispelGood for dispelling lots of summoned critters, blade spirits, elementals, and daemons in an 8 tile radius. Can be resisted, but much harder to do so than Dispel.
Meteor Swarm Kal Des Flam Ylem BM, MR, SS, Sa
meteor swarmHits a series of targets with meteors for moderate damage.
Polymorph Vas Ylem Rel BM,MR, SS
PolymorphAn amusing spell that turns you into a number of creatures. Lasts until recast or broken by death.Effect of spell may last until death.
Effect of spell may be removed by “recasting’ the spell at any time.

Effect may be removed by other players by casting the Dispel spell on polymorphed target.

Eighth Circle – Mana cost 50
Spells Words of Power Reagents
Earthquake In Vas Por BM, Gi, MR, Sa
earthquakeA significant damage-based attack.
Can hit multiple targets within its effective radius, with no limit on number of targets impacted.Spell will only damage non-player mobiles in its area of effect.
Energy Vortex Vas Corp Por BP, BM, MR, Ns
energy vortexSummons an Energy Vortex that will attack anything in a 6 tile radius. It targets nearby creatures with high Magery and/or Intelligence first.
Does up to 26 points of damage per hit.
Can be dispelled.
Takes 2 pet control slots.
Lasts for 90 seconds.
Resurrection An Corp BM, Ga, Gi
resurrectionBrings a ghost back to life.
Caster must be within one tile of the target
Summon Air Elemental Kal Vas Xen Hur BM, MR, SS
air elementalSummons an air elemental to fight for you. The air elementals are balanced fighters.
Takes 2 follower control slots.
Lasts for (Magery * 4) seconds.
Summon Daemon Kal Vas Xen Corp BM, MR, SS, Sa
daemonSummoned daemons are balanced fighters with powerful melee attacks with 7th circle magic.
Takes 8 follower control slots.
Lasts for (Magery * 4) seconds.
Summon Earth Elemental Kal Vas Xen Ylem BM, MR, SS
earth elementalSummons an earth elemental. No magic, but a strong melee attacks and armor.
Takes 4 follower control slots.
Lasts for (Magery * 4) seconds.
Summon Fire Elemental Kal Vas Xen Flam BM, MR, SS, Sa
fire elementalSummons a fire elemental. No magic, but strong melee attacks and armor.
Takes 8 follower control slots.
Lasts for (Magery * 4) seconds.
Summon Water Elemental Kal Vas Xen An Flam BM, MR, SS
water elementalSummons a water elemental that combines a balanced attack with high resistance to magical damage, with less damage potency than the air elemental.
Takes 4 follower control slots.
Lasts for (Magery * 4) seconds.