Using Artifacts

Players may modify items in game utilizing artifacts. These artifacts may be applied to anything appropriate; carpenters may apply accuracy artifacts to quarterstaffs, tailors may apply hardening artifacts to leather gloves, blacksmiths may apply an artifact of silver to a halberd and so forth.

  • A player must utilize a “remarkable crafting tool” of the appropriate type to craft the item they wish to apply the artifact to.
    • Remarkable crafting tools are able to be crafted with the tinkering skill.
    • A player must have the appropriate level crafting skill to attempt craft that item on their own.
    • At Grandmaster skill, a crafter will not fail in their attempt to apply an artifact.


  • To use an artifact, have the remarkable tool in your bag and simply double click the artifact you wish to use, and then apply it to the item you wish to apply it to.
    • A player may only have one remarkable tool in their bag at any given time. When using artifacts, it will automatically utilize the one tool in your bag and utilize one charge from it.


  • Weapon types may accept up to two slayer artifacts (eg. elemental slaying, silver), one damage modifier (eg. force, power), and one accuracy modifier (eg. accurate, supremely accurate).
  • Armor types may accept one defense modifier artifact (eg. hardening, invulnerability).



Magic weapons and armor do not drop directly into the world via loot.
Instead, artifacts possessing magic qualities with attributes of damage, accuracy, armor or slayer bonuses shall take their place.
These artifacts may be utilized by crafters  to imbue their respective properties into the items they make. The artifact(s) will be consumed in the process.
In order to apply said artifacts crafters must utilize a remarkable crafting tool which can be created by skilled tinkers.
Multiple artifacts may be applied to a weapon, but only one from each “type”. Up to two slayer bonuses may be applied however. A weapon item would have 3 types of modifiers: damage, accuracy and slayer bonuses.

The quality of the resources used will determine the durability rating of the item (eg. iron is no bonus durability, valorite is indestructable.)

For example:
A player obtains an artifact of force, artifact of silver, artifact of daemon slaying and an artifact of supreme accuracy after an afternoon of hunting high end monsters. He sells them to a blacksmith named Bob for gold. This blacksmith then utilizing his “remarkable smith’s hammer” is able to embed each of the artifacts. The artifact is consumed and one charge on his remarkable smith’s hammer is spent. He utilized shadow ore for the process so it has a bonus to durability. He now has created a silver, supremely accurate halberd of force and daemon slaying crafted by Bob.