We’re going to open up the militia stones tomorrow so you guys can start bashing each others heads in. We’ll have some trackers in place for kills and deaths and even who killed who. We’ll be attaching them to a display similar to the bounty board where you can see where everyone stands, but the display part is still in the works. There will be city specific and global boards; you’ll be able to click on the names of players and see who they’ve killed and how many times (and vice versa).

Hero system will come later. Hero capture will be the first militia system we’ll release but it’s been modified a bit; the old version had some bugs we kept running into and having to manually reset. Plus, we had some new ideas to improve upon it we’d like to have in place from the start.

Murderer Zones:
Another change, we’re changing up the murderer “safety” zones. Similar to how the island of Scelus and city of Roache are, you will now flag a criminal upon entering these zones. You will continue to not take counts in these, or be at risk for losing your severed head as a murderer within these zones.

This will make it so players can’t simply attack within the zone, and then give counts if they lose outside of the zone. So beware when you enter the savage, orcish, undead, dark elf and pirate territories. You’ll be flagged as a criminal upon entering their turf; you’ll return to innocence just a few moments after leaving.

Edgewich Boss Event:
Alan has decided he wanted to make the first boss rotation an event that he’d like to control, record and show off some of the early stuff with uberscript boss abilities. I believe it’s Edgewich that he’ll be closing down; I think it’s currently in the lead on dungeon rotation points. The only details I think we’re throwing out at this time is that it will be on Saturday at 11AM — basically, the 1 week anniversary.

The Raffle:
Rewards for the lotto are also going to be distributed later on Saturday.
Prizes will include a small house deed, a tan horse summon, some clothing bless deeds, cloth, reagents, ingots, boards and who knows what else we decide to toss in by then.
You will not not need to be logged in to obtain your prizes; they’ll spawn in your bank! Your tickets will need to be on you or in your bank. They should even work from your house if you’ve got one already. But, just to be safe, keep them in your bank!
There are currently just over 13,000 tickets generated.