Character Creation system has been implemented.
Testing likely to be opened on it tonight or tomorrow.

– Fixed a bug where you could remount a summoned mount while in combat.
– Swing timers will now “flip” based on dexterity; under 50 dexterity will utilize slow to quick mechanism (eg. halberd into katana), above 50 dexterity will utilize quick to slow mechanism (eg. katana into halberd).
– Archery functions the same way for firing timers with an added mechanism based on movement.
– – Every time a player changes tiles it will reset a delay that requires a brief pause and no movement to fire an arrow or bolt. The higher a players dexterity, the lower the delay after movement.

Rel Por Gump:

– Gump to trigger on every login (allows updated news, website link, highlighting of rules).
– Players must agree to shard rules to continue.

Updated Murder System:
– Fixed a crashing error due to multiple murders on a player with the gump.
– Improved the design of the murderer reporting gump.

Hiding, Stealth and Detect:
– Updated to work as described on skills page to nerf some of the “passive detect”. In essence, hiding functions as it always has in Ultima Online. More thorough description of the entire system explained on website.

– Increased movement speed of various wyrms to match other dragon tameables.
– Fixed bug where healing monster types were not healing their teammates and instead their targets.
– Monsters will be more responsive when initially attacked to prevent various line of sight blocking tactics.

– Escorts now give a murder count when killed and add to the player bounty at half the rate of a normal player.
– Escorts now exclusively originate out of Galven.

– Updated items and prices for citizen and militia vendors.
– Modified region zones for all dungeons and towns to be more “form fitting”.
– Normalized and reduced reagent prices in all cities. This means neutral cities will sell reagents at the same cost including Galven, Bowan and Albus.
– Changed house collapse timer to 45 days.