– Disabled Exiling
– – Will debate a new or different way to employ this mechanism or a similar mechanism of “exilement” in the future.

Role Players:
– Fixed a bug for kin paints (orcs, undead, dark elves, savages). Though, none have been created by alchemists yet. But, now you won’t ever run into that bug!
Modified the evil aligned role-playing regions:
– Any players within this zone are now flagged grey and are freely attackable as long as you are within the region.
– – Applies to undead, orc, dark elf (drow), pirate and savage territories.

– Added improved and more detailed information in the “I must consider my sins” murderer response.
– The severed heads of murderers now decay after 24 hours if not turned in.

– Cleanup out some orphaned player mobiles from beta.
– Added an ` escape character for / and \ for guild abbreviations.
– Created an anti-resource gathering script to escorts.

Added two new tracking parameters for future stat boards:
– Militia tracking, number of kills, number of deaths, who killed who.
– Additional parameters to murderer tracking: how many murderers a player has killed and who, how many heads a player has turned in and who.