Patch Notes: 03/10/2016

Map update!
Dungeon changes to Demergo, Lahar, Lapisan, Pulma, Pirate Cove.
New dungeon added to west of Arbor but not currently active.
Run the Rel Por launcher to update your map files!

Dungeons and PvE:
– Dungeon specific slayer artifacts should be good to go — will be implemented within the next couple of days.
– Bonding disabled (current bonds will need to be manually reset).
– Skill gain enabled for pets (same rate as everybody else).
– Provocation now has 30 second timeout and 18 tile distance limitation.
– New monster tables for Crankfrost, Lahar, Demergo and Khalmer.
– – Will be posting dungeon and bestiary information for each dungeon within the next couple of days as well as updating all other dungeons.

– Made it so you can revoke your citizenship immediately after 48 hours have passed from the time you joined a township.
– Citizens become orange in militia strongholds.

– Black staffs are now craftable by carpenters.
– Changes to decrease some of the “dead trees”.

– Added the ability for us to tweak mana regeneration rates (for use testing in Vorshun, event and duel scenarios).
– Added Citizen door under siege warning message.
– Militia traps enabled everywhere, will be adding regions where they will be disallowed (eg. close proximity to teleporters).
– Bunch of Vorshun fixes.
– Citizens become orange in militia strongholds.
– Fixed mini heal timer bug.

– Instant log-off in taverns/inns previously didn’t work if you had been in combat within the last 2 minutes. It now works so long as anything you were in combat with isn’t within 40 tiles and you are not criminal.
– Fixed Leather Dye Tubs to Display Charges and Increased to 12.
– Fixed poison healthbar glitch associated with pseudoseering.