New map update went in!
Please use the Rel Por Launcher to update your map files.

New areas have been added to the following dungeons:
Castra, Pulma, Demergo, Lapisan, Lockmoor, Oweno.

All dungeons also now have a dungeon progress indicator area.
There are 4 torches, each torch indicates an additional 20% progress made towards the opening of the boss room.
Dungeon Progress

Paragons are in!
All monsters in dungeons have a chance to become a paragon.
Paragons are significantly stronger, tougher, faster versions of their prior self. Be careful!
Paragons will drop platinum, treasure maps and additional gold.
Paragons also have a chance at dropping special named chests.
Paragon Dragon

Our dungeons have continued to become more interesting.
Dungeons have been updated and corresponding bestiary pages made.
Our dungeons are designed to give lower skills and solo players appropriate hunting area in the early to mid ranges, with much more difficult monsters and situations suitable for advanced players and groups to the back and lower levels.
Please visit to see details on any the monsters within a dungeon.

New diversity to high-end tamed creatures!

Please visit to see detailed comparison on the base skills and stats for our new and old creatures, including the new armored and swamp wyrms.