Map and Animation Files Update – PLEASE RUN REL POR UPDATER!

  • We have added several rideable mounts including rideable pack horses and grizzly bears & new monster types into the animation files
  • Added some arena space for future events and new dungeon space that will be opened in the future. (New monster types have been created for them too but you’ll have to wait until those dungeons open to see them ;). Here’s the new 1v1 tournament area:

Automated Event System Framework Complete

  • The rest of this week will involve plugging each of our current events (Ultimate Ultima, Capture the Flag, Team FFA, FFA, and Vorshun FFA, 1v1) into this framework. CTF is already plugged in and has been successfully run.
  • Events now have a PERMANENT record that can be accessed via the ‘Event Records Clerk’ at Galven.

    Double click him to see what he do. (And yes that’s a ridable grizzly bear)

  • SCORE will be event specific and will be included in the event instruction. It is calculated from a combination of pertinent scores related to a given event.
  • Event records will generally take on the following form:


I’ve also implemented a bracket system for the 1v1 tournaments. We’ll hold one next weekend.

  • Skill gain above 95 has been made slightly easier (still VERY challenging) and the over 95 dungeon bonus has been increased from 300% to 500%
  • Mana Regeneration rates have been given a 15% boost across the board.
  • Poisoned weapon discharge chance altered; fencing weapons have 20% chance to discharge poison passively, swordsmanship weapons having 10% chance to discharge poison passively.
  • Galven Guards NPCs now only attack criminals (i.e. they won’t attack murderers who have not committed a criminal act)