A new dungeon has been opened!
Muskeg Chasm
Muskeg Chasm features a new set of custom creatures in Rel Por.
You may find its entrance to the Northeast of Galven, west of Arbor.

Changes to the dynamics of PvP:

Summary: Mana regeneration rate increase, sprint ability for all players, spell mitigation for duplicate spells, armor modifications.

Armor Changes
– All types of armor may actively be meditated through now (as in, you can use the meditation skill for increased mana regeneration rate while wearing).
– All armor ratings listed are reflective of exceptional quality.
– Every piece has 3 factors to consider: armor, meditation penalty, dexterity penalty.
– All shields have had their dexterity penalties dropped by 1.

Passive Poison Discharging:
– Sword weapons have had their “passive” discharge of poison decreased to 10%.
Fencing weapons have had their “passive” discharge of poison decreased to 20%.

Mana Regeneration:
– Mediation rate has been boosted by 15% [included with previous patch]

Sprint Ability:
– Sprint has been enabled [previously only enabled during events.] – – Sprint enables any player to run at “mount” speed for 16 tiles.
– – – Effectively, while chasing or being chased by another player, this is 8 tiles of distance gained or lost.
– – Sprint may only be utilized every 30 seconds.
– – Use the command [sprint in game to activate this ability.

Spell Mitigation:
Players hit with duplicates of the same spell within a 3 second window will face decreased damage from the third and beyond.
– This ability only works for multiples of the same spell.
– – After the first two damaging spells, each subsequent spell within the 3 second window will deal 50% decreased damage.
– – This damage mitigating window of time only triggers with the first spell cast, it does not become extended with each additional cast. After 3 seconds, it is able to be triggered again.
– Details and Examples:
– – Two players utilizing an explosion, energy bolt combo landing in this interval would all do full damage, the damage from either spell does not trigger the damage mitigation of the other spell.
– – Three players dropping energy bolt, explosion spell combo in synchronization that would have previously done 20-25 damage per spell.
– – – – Previous damage would be (20-25 + 20-25 + 20-25) + (20-25 + 20-25 + 20-25) = 120 to 175 damage.
– – – – New damage would be (20-25 + 20-25 + 10-12) + (20-25 + 20-25 + 10-12) = 100 to 124 damage.

Issues Identified:
– Excessive running and “kiting” resulting in passive combat with fights resulting in more running than any duration of actual combat.
– Frequent “waiting”, and subsequent periods of running, during fights for players to replenish mana pools in order to reengage into combat both in duels and on the field.
– While magic damage is balanced around solo and paired dueling, it felt excessive with higher numbers of players and in group fighting situations.
– Melee players had virtually had no ability to attempt to kill a player, connection speed being equal.

– Develop a system in which the “chase” during fights feels engaging and subsequently increase skill with risk and reward factors.
– Increase ability for players to conclude fights, be it through allowing players better ability to land the fatal spell or hit or allowing a player to effectively escape; decrease the purgatory-like feeling of endless running.
– Mitigate some of the lethality of “zerging”, while maintaining potency of duos.
– Make combat feel more engaging by increasing the frequency in which “action” may occur.
– Maintain quality of balance in duels and organized fights.


– Sprint may and will be used for an array of reasons from attempting to land killing blows to escaping enemies.
– – – Players utilizing the ability offensively may find themselves unable to escape the enemy if unsuccessful.
– – – Players utilizing the ability to escape, but elect to not actually leave the battle scenario, will be at a disadvantage if they choose to reengage in the battle too soon.
– Damage mitigation is not to prevent the ability for 4 mages to kill with synchronized spells; if you are facing 8 explosion and energy bolts at once, you’re likely going to die.
– – – It does however make them less lethal, especially when not timed effectively, allowing increased chance to survive.
– Mages receive increase to mana regeneration to compensate for increased periods of combat and decreased damage output with spell mitigation as well as to improve quality of dueling.
– In order to preserve the current potency of damage from duos, the spell mitigation only triggers on the third spell rather than gradual scaling.

Militia Changes:
New Rewards via Silver:
Militia Rune
– – Allows militia members to recall to their town if their hero is present within the city.
Citizen Dark Cloth
– – Wearable by all players, high silver cost.
Resources: Reagents, Arrows, Bolts, Bandages

Militia Flagging Creatures:
– A new mechanism is in place to allow us to have creatures flag as enemies only to militia members. These creatures will first appear at the Galven castle and have a chance to drop silver as well as unique, special rares.
– – Galven Recall Rune shall have a rare chance to drop on Galven’s militia/rebel hunting guards.

Weekly Event Schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
3:00 PM Team FFA Archery Tournament CTF Ultimate Ultima King of the Hill 1v1 Tournament Ultimate Ultima
7:00 PM CTF Ultimate Ultima King of the Hill Team FFA Archery Tournament Vorshun World Wars Vorshun World Wars
10:30 PM King of the Hill Team FFA FFA CTF Ultimate Ultima Ultimate Ultima 1v1 Tournament

Platinum Coin Vendor:

Items Added:
– Pack Lamma Summoned Mount
– Black Decorative Tiles
– Wooden Counter Set
– Ungreen Cloth
– Stone Jade Cloth
Items Removed:
– Orich Skin Cloth
– Blume Cloth

Donation Coin Vendor:
Items Added:
– Bar Counter Sets
– Grizzly and Pack Horse Mounts
– Special Dye Tub

Militia Reward Vendors:
Items Added:
– Militia Rune
– – This rune allows militia members to recall to their home city; may only be utilized when their hero is within their stronghold.

Reward Ticket Items:
– Blue and Gold carpet pieces removed from the ticket rewards.
– Yellow and Gold carpet pieces have been added to the ticket rewards.
– Trophy heads have been swapped, a new set of heads are available.
– Animated boiling cauldron has been added.
– Galven Velvet and Jadecut cloth have been removed, Forange and Cold Red cloth introduced.
– Cold Red cloak has been added.
– Wooden Counter pieces have been added.
– Rideable Grizzly Bear and Rideable Pack Horse summoned mounts have been added.

Items in current reward ticket and general odds:
Yellow and Gold Carpet Pieces (~1 in 60 for assorted carpet piece)
Trophy Heads (~1 in 40 chance for assorted trophy)
Current Trophies:
– Fish Trophy
– Orc Trophy
– Brown Dragon Trophy
– Troll Trophy
– Ogre Trophy
– Great Hart Trophy
Fountain Deed (~1 in 500 chance)
Animated Fire (~1 in 100 chance)
Boiling Cauldron Deed (~1 in 250 chance)
Wooden Counter Pieces (~1 in 20 chance)

Summoned Mounts:
Llama (~1 in 100 chance)
Forest Ostard (~1 in 400 chance, random hue)
Grizzly Bear (~1 in 400 chance)
Pack Horse (~1 in 200 chance)
Polar Bear (~1 in 700 chance)
Tan Horse (~1 in 50 chance)

Character Modification:
Special Hair Dye (~1 in 25 chance)
Special Beard Dye (~1 in 25 chance)
Hair Restyling Deed (~1 in 50 chance)

Pile of Snow (~1 in 25 chance)
Clothing Bless Deed (~1 in 25 chance)

Deer Mask (~1 in 75 chance)
Bear Mask (~1 in 75 chance)
Tribal Mask (~1 in 75 chance)
Savage Mask (~1 in 75 chance)
Tan Orc Mask (~1 in 75 chance)
Orcish Face (~1 in 75 chance)
Undead Face (~1 in 75 chance)
Savage Skirt (~1 in 50 chance)
Leather Belt (~1 in 50 chance)
Horned Tribal Mask (~1 in 200 chance)
Rain Boots (~1 in 200 chance)

Stone Sandals (~1 in 50 chance)
Silver Sandals (~1 in 100 chance)
Charcoal Sandals (~1 in 200 chance)

Cold Red Cloak 2247 (~1 in 50 chance)
Cold Red Cloth 2259 – 4 Pieces (~1 in 10 chance)
Forange Cloth 2287 – 4 Pieces (~1 in 10 chance)