We’re entering our second full weekend of Rel Por being alive and it’s been absolutely great. I wanted to talk about the experience thus far and some of our plans, present and future.

Our server host has performed so much better than we could’ve hoped for. It hasn’t even broken a sweat with anything it has been challenged with. We’ve decided we’ll be sticking with them and their services and agreed to a 6 month extension.

That unfortunately hadn’t been the case with the website host; we were forced to move hosts after two pretty obnoxious episodes with the previous host that did not live up to its advertised claims combined with a whole lot of website activity.

The new hero system went in. You might’ve actually watched Alan stream on Twitch the creation of a good portion of it. It’s been quite active and vibrant and seems to be improving more and more as players enroll in their respective militias.

All players may track the location of all heroes at any time by saying “heromap” in game at any time. Also, if you’re a militia member, you can talk to your fellow militia members by typing a comma then your desired text. There’ve been a lot of big battles between Calor, Vermell and Pedran. Lillano and Arbor just seem to be poking around the edges and feeding on the scraps. It’s been fun to watch.

Dungeon rotations are going to be picking up a bit here; we’re going to be attempting to get a balance that most days, if players choose to, they could rotate as frequently as a small handful of times in a given 24 hour period. Always remember, be prepared to enter the boss fight with everything you may need. Once you cross over it’s victory or death — no other escape. You never know if the boss will have changed with new uberscript abilities or environmental challenges with each new opening.

Panbake and Starfeesh have started working on some new boss experiences and quest lines for Rel Por as well. First up appears to be a pretty exciting and unique boss battle in Pulma, and I believe a drug smuggling network based out of Calor is the framework for the first quest.

Along with dungeon rotations, we’ll be bringing back the slayer items in the form of dungeon-specific slayers. So instead of a silver artifact that can be utilized to do extra damage to undead, you’d utilize a slayer of Khalmer to do increased dungeon to all creatures within Khlamer. Bosses will also begin to award platinum and you’ll soon find a platinum vendor in Galven that will sell some unique new items such as summoned mounts, special wearable items and hues as well as alternative access to clothing bless deeds and decorations.

Once we’ve got the dungeons rotating in a way we’re comfortable with, we’re going to turn our focus to opening back up the Vorshun World Wars. They’re going to be very similar to the past with a couple of changes. Sides will now be limited in numbers to maintain balance during the battle itself. If your team has a great number of participants, you’ll be waiting your turn to get onto the island. As before, resources to fight will be provided to you by your city in the staging area. We’re going to add a new ability to select your skills as well to make it easier for players to both experiment and get involved.

We’ll be keeping the to do list on the forums as up to date as possible. Keep submitting suggestions or things that may be wonky that aren’t on the list so we can keep polishing the shard. Everything from new abilities for our monsters in PvE to quality of life improvements.

There’s a ton of stuff on our list to do, beyond just what’s listed on the running list. Everything from major systems like militia commander elections and base capture system interchange with hero capture all the way down to smaller systems to trickle out into the world to keep things exciting and fresh. Plants, wearable masks, new hues, rare housing deeds and so on.

Thanks for checking us out and we’re excited to see how many have decided to make a home on our shard… or work towards making some gold to make a home on the shard.