Custom systems of Rel Por improve upon the greatness of Ultima Online to make an even more engaging and dynamic world. Feel free to browse the sub-pages in the menu for more details on each one.

Custom Mapminiradar

    • Map has been designed to localize the player base in a fluid and unique environment. The intimate size with the road and bottleneck locations virtually force player interaction. We want to deliver that sense of exploration and novelty players once experienced as they find their favorite hunting grounds and establish their desired citizenship.


Unique, Player-Driven Cities

    • Elected players may choose what bonuses and benefits their city will have and campaign against other players for control of the city; creating active and diverse environments between the cities of the world.


Crafting Improvements

    • Unique systems in place to make the world of crafting a much more engaging, interesting and profitable system.
    • Take Ultima’s rich crafting system and imbue with additional depth; magic weapons, armor and special items will be crafted by players themselves using artifacts obtained by players.


Custom Housing

    • Dozens of new and unique housing of all sizes, purposes and themes to pick from for your home, vendor shop or to develop into your own player-run town.


Perpetual Militia Combat

    • A system to facilitate constant PvP interaction. No need to recall to a dozen locations hoping to find a battle.
    • If you want PvP there will always be some place to defend or attack for the benefit of yourself and your township; just beat on the door of an opposing township. It’s essentially non-stop capture the flag with opposing city heroes.

Frequent Large Scale Multi-Town Wars

    • The Vorshun Wars are a cycling centralized battle event. They occur between all five warring cities of the world with all citizens eligible to join in without requiring completely finished PvP-characters nor resources.
    • A unique, fun battle event of town versus town in a multi-point King of the Hill type of warfare. The victors shall receive additional benefits and rewards from their township.
Role Play Support

    • The role playing community has been a long standing and vital group to Ultima Online’s success.
    • Traditional role playing groups are supported with aesthetic attributes, specialized regions and in-game structures and areas to enhance their immersion.
  • Currently support exists for Drow, Undead, Orcs, Human Militia, Savages, Pirates, Nomads. More as requested and developed.


Balanced and Effective Player Killer Consequences

    • The return of the high risk, high fame world of player killing with the bounty board.
    • Simply put, when a murderer’s ways catch up with them they have two options;
      • They can continue on in the world but be shamed; their character and name rendering a pink hue, unable to attack innocent players but still able to interact with the world in any other way for a period of time based on their crimes.
      • Or, they can take on the risk of becoming an outcast; become a dark shade of red and will suffer permanent skill loss upon the loss of their next severed head.



Combat Improvements

    • T2A stylized combat with a twist; tank mages retain their prowess on the battlefield and in duels. However, refinements and additions to boost and add depth and diversity have been included.
    • “Pure” mages have additional potency in the form of the “nox” “scribe” or “stun” mage variety.
    • Melee players have additional methods to kill with much needed on-demand burst capability.
    • All of it painstakingly tested and balanced to make everyone feel like they must not play as any given template in order to succeed or be viable.


Our Staff

  • Ultima Online is a sandbox that is influenced by the player unlike any other game. We want to keep it that way.
  • Our staff is a small collection of old Ultima Online players with a deep passion for the game and the way we’ve always dreamed it could be.
  • We’re here to answer questions, improve the shard and watch it thrive. This is our sandbox to create unique events and experiences for players and see how they unfold. That is what we enjoy.
  • We are not here to police every interaction of the shard; that is up to the community to dictate. We’ll stop those that attempt to circumvent the rules; the players choose the rest.
  • Additionally, for extra peace of mind for our players to note, we’ve developed impressive measures to prevent things that traditionally plague shards (eg. we have one-of-a-kind exceptional anti-railing prevention and detection).