Town Ministers | Citizenship Bonuses | Becoming a Citizen

There are many cities in Atria but five in particular are always in search of increasing their numbers to support their industrial infrastructure and even better yet, their militia: Arbor, Pedran, Calor, Lillano and Vermell.

Citizenship Perks:
– Reduced cost of goods from city vendors.
– Access to special hues, items for your city.
– Access to citizenship reward vendors.
– Ability to vote in and run for township minister elections.
– Access to Vorshun Wars.
– Ability to join the militia.
– Access to your citizenship bonuses as selected by the minister.

To become a citizen just simply enter the borders of a given town and type in game [jointownship.

You may also join by locating the town stone, double clicking on it and clicking join. This will instantly join all characters on your account to that township to share the same bonuses.

Players may also join the militia of the towns they are citizens of with any of their characters. Doing so will allow them access to both their towns militia rewards vendor, whom possess items only capable of being obtained by militia members.

To become a militia member you must visit the hero stronghold in the city of your citizenship and access the militia stone. Simply locate and cross the teleporter in your town’s militia base building to visit the stronghold. There is a militia stone that you must click on and join. Joining the militia is a character-by-character basis, it will not automatically add any of your other characters to the militia.