There are five towns in the world of Atria in which a player may become a citizen. They are Pedran, Calor, Vermell, Lillano and Arbor.

Becoming a citizen of the town grants you all of the current bonuses a minister has selected for that city, ability to vote and campaign for minister, lower costs of goods such as reagents within that town and other such perks.

  • A player must be in the borders of one of these townships to become a citizen.
  • Becoming a citizen does not enroll the player into the militia, that must be done at their town’s militia stronghold.
  • All characters on that account will become members of that citizenship.

You may join a township by 3 methods:

  1. Type [JoinTownship while in the borders of the town you wish to join.
  2. Type [RelPor and use the menu to click to join that township while in the borders of the town you wish to join.
  3. Use the town stone and click “Join Township” at the bottom.

And now you are a member of a town!

It will automatically display you as a citizen of your town, with your title hued the same color of the bannerment for your town.