Utilizing Artifacts | Resource Gathering | Crafting Skills

Crafting in Ultima Online has captured a spirit of freedom and entrepreneurship that few games can come close to replicating. Rel Por desires to continue this tradition and place more power and interaction into the hands of crafters.

Crafters on Rel Por will have even more depth and interaction with the community. Magic items no longer sporadically appear on monsters as loot; instead artifacts can be obtained in their place. Utilizing these artifacts crafters will be able to imbue their properties into the goods they create.

These artifacts may be applied to anything appropriate; carpenters may apply accuracy artifacts to quarterstaffs, tailors may apply hardening artifacts to leather gloves, blacksmiths may apply an artifact of silver to a halberd and so forth.

No more disappointing cleavers of vanquishing (unless that is, you actually want one) and crafters will gain additional importance within the world.

Exceptional weapons, crafted by players, will the primary weapon type used by most players for player vs player combat due to ubiquity and effectiveness.

  • Resource rarity type (eg. regular leather vs. barbed leather) does not impact quality of armor, it only extends the durability.
  • Resource rarity type does not impact weapon quality, it does extend durability.
  • The more difficult and rare of the resource type (eg. valorite) the more durable the item is.


  • Crafting is not at the accelerated skill gain rate that combat skills are. It is a very difficult journey to become a Grandmaster craftsmen on Rel Por.
  • The skill level to craft exceptional items has been lowered to compensate some for the difficulty of crafting.
  • Magical weapons and armor are created by crafters, utilizing artifacts.
  • Resource gathering on Rel Por is monitored; systems are in place to both track all goods obtained by any players as well as active-play checks to stop automated resource gathering.
    • Failing the ‘gump’ for active-play check, by any means accidental or not, will result in a character being jailed and resources removed. There will be no lenience on players failing the gump or trying to circumnavigate rules. Blatant cheating will result in an automatic account deletion and/or ban.
    • Use of EasyUO is forbidden on Rel Por.
    • For more information on the active-play gump, please visit: Resource Gathering.



  • Kin paints of multiple types are now able to be crafted by alchemists, including savage, orcish, drow and undead paints.
  • Alchemists are able to craft an armorment dye removal tub, capable of removing the hues from armors and weapons.


  • Carpenters may utilize artifacts to improve their weapons and shields.
  • Carpenters are now able to craft bows and crossbows; bowcraft and fletching has been combined into one wood-working crafting skill under carpentry.
  • Carpenters may repair their wooden items and shields.


  • Items traditionally crafted under bowcrafting are now included in the carpentry skill, see above.


  • Tailors may utilize artifacts to improve their armors.
  • Tailors are required to craft items using veteran militia hued cloth.


  • Blacksmiths may utilize artifacts to improve their weapons and armors.


  • Tinkers are required to craft “remarkable tools” which are needed to apply artifacts.
  • Tinkers are able to make “flash powder”, a consumable item that immediately breaks the effects of the paralyze spell.