There are two critical aspects that make Rel Por unique in the Ultima Online community.
A unique transportation system and, more impressively, a brand new, small, custom world for players to inhabit.

Rel Por's World MapRel Por’s Custom, Small Map.

Rel Por’s map has been custom crafted from scratch for this shard. Its scale has been reduced to promote social interaction between all types of players. Countless hours have been spent on its development and polish.

The large capital city of Galven sits in the center of the world with a handful of small neutral townships coexisting in the world. Five towns, in a constant state of war with one another, are equidistant from the capital. They have their own unique aesthetic quality and history from the industrial northern town of Pedran to the sandy and exotic town of Calor.

A handful of neutral cities have propped up in the world, independent from the warring towns. Numerous encampments, from human outposts, orc fortifications, savage camps, graveyards and everything in between, both good and evil, also dot the wilderness.

As the player base grows and the shard matures future islands, dungeons and landmasses are able to be revealed. This ensures the land mass maintains the intimate feeling we’re striving for while always providing enough room for growth, exploration and housing.

Ships will be disabled for typical player use to prevent them from access these novel landmasses via unintended means. These landmasses will be opened in the future via a number of ways: ship crossings, magical teleporters and mountain pass tunnels.

Transportation & Mounted Transport:
mountupMounts return to Rel Por, but in a limited capacity.
They shall function only as means of transport on roads.

  • Mounts will knock you off if you run for more than 5 tiles off of a road.
  • You may not use skills, cast spells, or be in combat while mounted.
  • Actions or spells cast upon you while mounted will dismount you.
  • There are stable masters and “hitching posts” throughout the world to stable your mount — simply say the word “stable” and target your mount near them. Say “claim” to retrieve them.
  • Summoned mounts function the same as normal mounts, except their statuette will appear in your pack when knocked off. You must utilize the statuette to summon them again to ride.



Binding Runes:
Every character will have two special runes on them.
These are blessed and unable to be dropped, stolen or traded.

  • One rune, the “upside down” binding rune may bind you to one of the binding stones in the world — these will be in locations such as the cities throughout the world and some select points of interest related to role playing factions.
  • Simply use the mark spell to mark the binding rune while standing close to the binding stone to bind yourself to that location.
  • The other rune you may mark as any normal rune would — outside of your house, outside of a dungeon, etc.
  • Mark requires no magery or reagents to use.
  • Recall requires no magery or reagents use. Recall has a prolonged delay to cast, as it was before on Rel Por.
  • You may also cast the gate spell from these runes; gates will function as they did before, but also have a 30 minute cooldown between spell use. Gate requires adequate magery and reagents.
  • There are no additional runes; players must commute by horse to neighboring dungeons and towns by road.