Dungeon Rotation:
There are over a dozen dungeons in the world of Atria.
At any given time 3 of them shall be open to adventurers.

– A special room, which only becomes active and open after killing a sufficient number of monsters within a dungeon, will contain a progressive spawn and finally a dungeon boss.

– Defeating this boss closes the dungeon, yields special rewards and awards ability to select which dungeon shall open next.

– Entering the room carries significant risk. Upon entering the room there is only two ways of exiting; death or vanquishing the creatures within.

– Each dungeon possess a location in which 4 flames will spawn; each flame indicates 20% progression to opening the boss room.

Town criers will inform citizens of which dungeons are open, say “dungeons” to have them inform you which are open.

Dungeon Artifacts:
Artifacts can possess slayer properties. Slayer items increase the efficacy of weapons and instruments used against the monsters within that dungeon.

Title Listing:
Dungeon: Slayer Name
Castra: Daemon Bone
Crankfrost: Summer Wind
Demergo: Snake’s Bane
Edgewich: Silver
Endium: Exorcism
Khalmer: Gargoyle’s Foe
Lahar: Elemental Bane
Lapisan: Arachnid Doom
Lockmoor: Blood Drinking
Malum: Flame Dousing
Oweno: Silver
Pirate Cove: Repond
Pulma: Water Dissipation
Serosan: Dragon Slaying

Duplicate names do not work on all dungeons (eg. Silver from Oweno will not work on Silver for Edgewich).