Joining a Militia | Hero Capture System | Vorshun World Wars | Militia Commanders

Players may join the militia of the town they are a citizen of. Unlike citizenship, joining the militia will not make all your characters member of the militia. Only the character that joins the militia via the militia stone will become a militia member.

Joining the militia allows players to freely fight members of opposing militias, enter opposing militia strongholds, attack and capture opposing heroes and participate in Vorshun world war battles.

Players enrolled in the militia are able to earn silver by capturing heroes and killing opposing militia members. This silver may be spent on special town-associated clothing dyes, unique clothing items, armor dyes, banners, rare items and other special items.

A player may remove themselves from the militia at any time but it will take 48 hours for the revocation to lift.


Joining the militia enables the following things:

  • Places the player at war with opposing town militia members.
  • Allows the player to interact in the hero capture system.
  • Allows the player to spend silver on town militia reward items.
  • Militia members may only be healed by members of the same citizenship. Be aware; citizens that heal militia members will temporarily flag as militia members!
  • Militia members receive a gold bonus boost while hunting monsters; they receive an extra 10% per hero held in their stronghold.


Militia points and ranking system:

  • Upon joining the militia the player will have 0 militia points.
  • A player gains points by killing opposing town militia members.
  • For every point a member loses upon death, his killer gains the same number of points.
  • A player may gain up to 99 points or down to a deficit of -5.
  • For every 10 points a player above 0 a militia member has, they will lose an additional point upon death. Meaning a player with 10-19 points, they would lose 2 points upon death. If he had 50-59 points, he would lose 6.
  • A player may not gain points from the same victim back to back.
  • A player will not lose points if they have died within the past 10 minutes.


Ranking is based upon the players militia point total relative to other militia members.


Militia Titles
Rank Percentile Title
1 Below 55%Conscript
2 56% – 80%Sentinel
3 81% – 90%Guardian
4 91% – 99%Knight
5 100% – Top Player – “Champion


Militia reward system:
Militia members may obtain silver that can be spent on rares, unique items and vanity items, such as special town-based hues for their clothing, weapons and armor.


Obtaining silver:
There are two ways of obtaining silver:
– Killing players of opposing town militias.
A player shall gain silver per each kill of opposing militia member.
– A player cannot gain silver from the same player killed back to back.
– A player cannot gain silver from a player that has died within the past 10 minutes.
– Assisting in the capture or defense of town heroes.
– By successfully kidnapping the town hero into their town’s prison.
– The silver will be awarded to all players of the towns militia within the capture region at the moment of capture.


Town Militia Commander:
New militia commander system to be announced.

General Town Hero Capture System Details:
Stronghold and jail doors:
– Players attack stronghold doors of opposing base, break them, capture the hero and place them into the jail cells of their own stronghold.
– Players may take back their heroes by breaking down the jail doors of their captured heroes, or steal away the other captured heroes.
– Stronghold doors have higher hit points [8000] and therefor take longer to break down than the “jail” doors [5000].
– – This makes it harder for a militia to defend captured heroes than it is to defend their own hero.
– Doors regenerate hit points after X period of time without taking damage at a rate of Y.
– “Explosive charges” may be planted at the foot of the door; these will count down from 15 seconds and do 800 damage to the doors.
– – Explosive charges carry 150 hit points and may be destroyed by damage from players.
– – Explosive charges may only damage the door every 15 seconds.

Capturing Heroes:
– Once a stronghold or jail door is broken, players may escort the hero by saying the word “capture”.
– The hero will follow this captor until returning to a stronghold or the captor is killed.
– – Heroes will only follow their captor or rescuer on roadways, similar to the way mounting is allowed.
– If the person currently leading the hero is killed, the hero goes into a neutral state and will follow the next militia member that states “capture”.
– If no re-captures a hero for 20 minutes, the hero will automatically return to their stronghold.
– A captured hero, if not rescued after 18 hours, will automatically escape back to their stronghold.
– The hero, upon being captured, is unable to be recaptured for 2 hours.
– Militias may only capture and jail 2 opposing heroes at a time.
– – Having just your hero maintains the standard citizen bonuses selected by the minister.
– – Each additional hero adds 25% to the bonus. Missing your hero subtracts 25% from the city bonus.
– – – Meaning, a city without their hero or any captured hero is at 75% effectiveness of their standard bonus.
– – – A city with their hero and 2 opposing heroes captured would be at 150% effectiveness of their standard bonus.

Stronghold attacking and defense:
– Militia members may enter into the strongholds of any city.
– Citizens may only enter into the strongholds of their own city.
– Opposing Citizens and militia members are automatically flagged as enemies upon entering a stronghold; this allows citizens to help defend their own base and “toggle in” to PvP.
– When a stronghold or jail door is being attacked, all defending militia members and citizens will receive a message notifying them of the assault.