• A player may only join the militia of the township he is already a citizen of.
  • Once a member of a township a player may join the milita by visiting their militia stronghold region.
  • In each of the five warring cities is a stronghold building in which a teleporter is located that will lead to their militia stronghold. This is the same building the citizen reward vendor is located in.
  • To join the militia, click on the militia stone in front of your hero stronghold building within the stronghold region and click to join! That’s it!
  • You will now be able to attack and fight against any other town’s militia members and assault their strongholds, as well as capture and rescue heroes.
  • Joining the militia only joins that one character to the militia, your other characters on your account will not change.
  • Please also note that this region is where your hero is held and defended; enemy militia will attempt to break down your doors in hopes of capturing your hero which will decrease your ministers bonuses and bolster theirs. Conversely, you may also attack the militia stronghold regions of the other four towns to capture their heroes for increased bonuses.
  • To the west side of each stronghold there is also a small building that houses the Militia Reward Item Vendor as well as contain the portal to enter the Vorshun World Wars when they occur.

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