The bounty board returns to Ultima Online.
A new system of risk, notoriety and consequence for murderers.


  • There are three different “types” of murderers on Rel Por:
  • The Murderer: the standard player killer that has yet to face consequences from having their severed head turned in by a player.
    • The Outcast: a murderer that is liable to suffer permanent skill and stat loss if captured by bounty hunters; players opt into Outcast status.
    • The Shamed: also known as atonement, this murderer that cannot perform negative actions on innocent or “blue” players.
  • Every time a player murders another player and is reported, bounty gold is generated upon their head. The victims may add additional gold to this bounty, which creates a greater penalty to the murderer should they be caught.
  • When a player slays a murderer a “severed head” will appear in their bag. This item is not blessed and may be traded, stolen or looted. Turning in this head will enforce the atonement penalty upon the murderer. If there is player-added bounty they will receive a portion as a reward.
  • Murderers may strive for notoriety and rank upon the bounty board with increasing consequences. The larger the sum garnered upon their heads will yield longer periods of atonement, increased cost of bribery to guards or a combination of the two.
  • Murderers may enter almost all of the towns in the world. Be wary of patrolling Galven guards that will always attack any criminals they spot, but they are not of the instant-kill variety.
  • The Island of Scelus and its township of Roache additionally will be a safe haven for murderers; their heads will be unable to be collected in this area as well as a couple of other notable role-playing zone locations see map below for a list of safe locations. Towns where ministers have employed the Disciplined Guards bonus will kill murderers on sight.

Murderers, and all other types of criminals, may also be healed or have other beneficial acts performed on them by anyone within town; this will only flag the individuals performing the beneficial acts on criminals also flagged as criminals. It will not enable guards to instantly kill them.


Every player carries with them a viewable reputation that catalogs all of their victims, whether that bounty has been paid, and the most recent comment and honor rating for that murder. You may check any players reputation by using the command “[rep” on any player.
Murderer Levels:

Murderers, Atonement and Outcasts
There are three types of murderers; the regular murderer we all are familiar with, the shamed murderer in atonement and the outcasted murderer.

Regular Murderer: Name hues red, no title. This player may attack innocent players; if killed by a bounty hunter and their head turned in they will face atonement.
Shamed Murderer: Name hues pink, has the title “the Shamed”. This player may not initiate combat against innocent (blue notoriety) players. Also known as “atonement”.
Outcasted Murderer: Name hues dark red, has the title, “the Outcast”. This player may attack innocent players; if killed by a bounty hunter and their head turned in they will face a permanent loss to 50% of their skills and return back to normal murderer status. There is no way to revoke the outcast status once a murderer chooses to enter into it. A murderer in atonement may choose to enter this status by speaking the words “I wish to continue killing“.


The Bounty:
– When a victim is killed and reports the murder, 250 gold is automatically generated upon the murderers head.
– For every 250 gold upon a murderers head, they will suffer 2 hours of atonement if their head should be turned in by a bounty hunter.
– – A player with a 2000 gold bounty would have 2000/250 = 8 x 2 = 16 hours of atonement.
The victim is also able to place an additional bounty on his killer(s) heads.
– A player may not place more than 1,000 gold on his killer(s) bounty at a given time.
– This equates to a maximum penalty of 10 hours per innocent kill, when combined with the automatic bounty.
– A player is only able to bribe away their bounty when in the ‘shamed’ state.

Murderer Consequences and Bribes:
– A murderer enters a period of atonement and is shamed if their head is turned in by a bounty hunter.
They have 3 options at this point:
– – continue playing as a shamed murderer, and wait for their penalty to expire
– – bribe a bounty hunter, at a cost of 500 gold per hour of removal.
– – become an outcast murderer and risk permanent skill and stat loss when killed next.

– A player may bribe away their period of atonement by giving gold to a bounty hunter at a rate of twice the amount of their bounty.
– – This correlates to 500 gold per 2 hours of removal.
– A player may forsake their status as being shamed and return to killing players by stating the words, “I wish to continue killing”.
– A player will remain an outcast until they are killed by a bounty hunter and have their head turned in.
– Players may choose to use any combination of waiting our their temporary atonement or bribing of guards to alleviate their period of shame facing atonement.
– Long term counts exist and accrue after every reported murder for non-atonement purposes for maintaining red status to those players that are murderers. These will be at accrued at 40 hours per murder. There is no other way to alleviate long term counts other than time.
The bounty board will let any player in the world know where a murderer’s bounty currently sits at.
To check your current bounty, long term murder count and cost of your bribe a player may say, “I must consider my sins“.

  • Long term counts are accrued for every murder of an innocent player.
    • Each long term count is 40 hours of time a player shall spend known as a murderer.
  • Short term counts are a property of the player’s current bounty.
    • For every 250 gold of bounty the player shall receive 2 hours of shamed penalty if their heads are turned in.
  • A murderer is able to bribe a bounty hunter to remove their temporary atonement penalty time. It costs 500 gold per 2 hours of statloss to remove.


The Severed Head:

  • A “severed head” of the murderer will appear in the pack of the player that deals the killing blow to a murderer.
    • It is not blessed; it can be traded, stolen or destroyed by cutting it with a bladed item.
    • It is different from the head that can be cut and obtained from a player’s corpse.
    • After 24 hours the severed head will decay and no longer be able to be turned in.
  • Any player may turn in the “severed head” of a murderer to a bounty hunter.
    • The player turning in the head will receive 50% of the bounty placed by victims and 0% of the automatically generated bounty.
  • Turning in the severed head will initiate the murderers penalties immediately.
  • The killer’s total bounty is reset to 0 gold upon having their head turned in.
  • Turning in a severed head will render all other severed heads that exist in the world at the time for that murderer into a rotting severed head which will no longer reward any bounty or apply any penalties.



  • A player that carries a bounty (eg. a player under 5 long term murder counts) will not be able to be placed in statloss; they will not yield severed heads to bounty hunters. Also known as, “ain’t red, ain’t no head.”
  • If no additional bounty is accrued by a murderer in the span of two weeks his name will fall off the bounty board until he gains additional bounty upon his head.
  • A player may not bribe away or wait out the outcast status if they choose to become an Outcast; it only goes away upon having their head captured and turned in by a bounty hunter and subsequent permanent statloss.

Murderers are not restricted from participating in town militia warfare.
We want to enable players to have different avenues of finding combat, not splitting them into different groups and splintering the community.


Murderer Region Interactions aka Murderer Safe Zones:

Murderer ZonesMurderers may enter any of the five warring towns unless their ministers implement the Disciplined Guards bonus.

Murderers may enter any of the neutral cities of the world.
They will only be attacked by guards if they perform criminal acts upon innocent players as any other player would.

A few regions exist in the world in which murderers will not yield severed heads to players when killed and therefor can not be put into atonement while fighting in these regions. Murderers will also not accrue bounties within these regions. Careful, players entering these regions will be rendered as criminals!

  • The entire island of Scelus and its capital city of Roache
  • Orc fort north of Arbor
  • Orc mountain south of Arbor
  • Orc compound in Repond Pass
  • Orc crossroads west of Galven
  • Pirate ship north of Arbor
  • Pirate island west of Arbor
  • Drow caves
  • Undead crypts
  • Savage encampment