Rel Por has a carefully planned out infrastructure to manage the unique and rare items in the world.
This list will be maintained to provide players with an indication as to the source type and rarity of any given item.

There are 4 primary categories of rare items on Rel Por: common, uncommon, epic and legendary. The category refers to the frequency in which the rare item is able to be obtained. These categories can apply to multiple source of rare collection meaning through monster loot drops or world spawns.

Beyond this, there are special categories of items that have their own frequency rates, distribution and or limited exposure; some as exclusive as one-of-a-kind. These too will be noted.

Some items will not appear until they are discovered or revealed by players in-game. Some items will be on rotating schedules and not always available at any given time. Further details are up to the players to discover for themselves and share (or not!) at their choosing.

Cloth and Sandal Hue List

Rare Categories:Special:
[Variable Drop Rates]

Red Carpet Pieces
Blue Carpet Pieces
Crystal Ball
Wash Basin with Water
Serving tray
Skull Mugs
Empty Nest
Nest with Eggs
Small Water Tub
Black Sheep Cloth

Treasure Maps:
Moss Cloth
Orcish Faces
Undead Faces
Savage Skirts
Wall Mounted Candle Sconces

Reward Ticket:
Pile of Snow
Potted Cacti (6 Types)
Blue and Gold Carpet
Water Fountain
Animated Fire

Dark Floral Hanging Tapestry
Light Floral Hanging Tapestry
Skinned Goat

Skinned Deer

Decorative Copper Ingot
Small Rock
Flask Stand
Tiny Spider Web Corner
Dried Herbs
Tarot deck
Sledge Hammer
Bone Shards
Full Jars (3)
Stone Chair
Small Shaft Pile
Stone Mallet and Chisel
2 Bottles of Wine
2 Bottles of Ale
Decorative Silver Ingot
2 Bottles of Liquor
Iron Wire


Fish Heads
Green Dried Flowers
Small Yellow Flask
Large Candle
Large Shaft Pile
Skull Candle
3 Bottles of Liquor
Skinny Candle
Wooden Pitcher
Rib Cage
Small Yellow Beaker
3 Bottles of Wine
Small Empty Flask
Small Green Flask
Fruit Basket
Blue Curved Flask
Silver Wire
Decorative Gold Ingot
Small Board Pile
Medium Rock
Lobster Cage
Aqua Curved Flask
Two facedown books
Small sized pot
Small Spider Web Dense
Medium Bone Pile
Decorative Silver Ingots (3)
Small Red Flask
Copper Wire
3 Bottles of Ale
Empty Curved Flask
Small Log Pile
Medium sized pot
Forged Metal
Gutted Fish
Short Candle
Dried Onions
Decorative Copper Ingots (3)
Tarot small pile
White Dried Flowers
Tassled Whip


Standing Oars
Pegasus Statue
Decorative Gold Ingots (3)
Medium Stone Table South
Large Rock
Decorative Silver Ingot Pile
Barrel of Grapes
Short Brazier
Decorative Copper Ingot Pile
Small Wax Pot
Spider Web Sparse #2
Pointing Man Statue
Bamboo Stool
4 Bottles of Ale
Large Wax Pot
Medium Stone Table West
Barrel of Bread
Barrel of Bananas
4 Bottles of Liquor
Stacked books north
Empty Tool Kit Square
Stacked books west
Spider Web Sparse #1
Tarot large pile
Animated Medium Blue Flask
4 Bottles of Wine
Single Oar
Spider Web Dense
Old Man Bust
Barrel of Apples
Gold Wire
Large Bone Pile
Frying pan
Metal chest with Gold Trim
Short Empty Tub
Herb Basket
Empty Tool Kit Round


Tortured Bones with Meat South
Large kettle
Large Board Pile
Large Log Pile
Small Barrel of Produce
Hanging Fishing Net
Small Stretched Hide
Animated Large Violet Flask
Wall Mirror
Tortured Bones with Meat East
Gruesome Standard East
Gruesome Standard South
Pile of facedown books
Large Stone Table South
Decorative Gold Ingot Pile
Large Stone Table West
Medium Brazier
Polar Bear Rug