There are two organized systems on Rel Por facilitating combat between the five warring towns of the world.

  • A perpetual, never-ending system of hero capture and defense. Each city has a militia stronghold region in which a figurehead hero of their town remains protected. Towns are able to assault the strongholds of opposing towns, capture heroes and return them to their own strongholds to bless their cities with increased township bonuses.
  • A shifting world wars event in which all five cities of the world shall converge and battle at the same time over structures in the ruined city of Vorshun on an isolated island.

Please visit the system subsections to learn more about each of these town warfare systems and how to get involved.




Y1eZx-150x150 Hero Capture and Defense

Five towns of Atria are in a constant state of war; their militias engage in a seemingly never-ending battle attempting to strike a blow at the morale of their opposition by capturing the figureheads and heroes of towns. Within each city resides a town hero. Each city has a militia building that leads to a …

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t4HMd1-150x150Vorshun World Wars

In the world of Atria lies a small island called Vorshun. An old city lays in ruins due to the constant warfare raged upon it from all five warring towns. Periodically the treacherous waters that surround the island calm enough; this is when the world wars inevitably begin as each town sends a regiment to …

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